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Today I met with a menopausal specialist and I was pleasantly surprised. She was very attentive and intrigued with my situation. She spent an hour with me and we discussed a lot. Many times I have to explain MCTD to new doctors but she understood what I had and although she wanted to know what my specific symptoms were she had a clear understanding of what MCTD is and what it means to live with it. She also validated my concern about going through menopause and discussing hormone treatment and having this autoimmune. For many years I was in balance, now I’m clearly out of balance but the solution is not as easy as just identifying the problem. I felt like she is willing to work with me and try new things and realizes that I take my health very seriously but I need help.
We decided on a compound mixture of natural hormones with a coconut base which made me smile and thankful that I found her. I’ll try this compound and see what my labs say next. I realize that I will be having lots of labs done in the near future as we discover together what my final analysis will be. I am more than willing to put a 100% into my health and wellness and I get the impression she is willing to put 100% in right alongside of me. This may be the opportunity I have been waiting for to really get this body where I want it and keep it there through the aging process and beyond.



My research as started and I’m currently reading a book called “The Menopause Makeover” by Staness Jonekos and she puts out an 8 step program for 12 weeks so in my last blog where I write about my small and achievable challenges that is coming from this book.  Eating clean is the number one thing to do and yet your brain turns on you so fast and makes you think if you don’t find a piece of chocolate soon the world could end.  I have read many books that say if it isn’t around you won’t eat and very few of us will actually go out of our way for treats. Really this is not true during this stage of life.  There was a time when sweets and goodies didn’t mean anything to me and if I wanted it I ate it and if I didn’t I didn’t think about it again.  Now someone can just say the word chocolate or pastry or ice cream and I literally think about it all day.

I had a weird craving for twizzlers of all things and actually took my lunch break to go get some.  This is unheard of for me and yes it has happened more than once so although I truly understand clean eating and know what it means my brain can make me think death is right around the corner unless I do something about it.  One brain game deserves another so that is what I’m doing now I’m playing brain games.  Yesterday I told myself just make it through the day and you can have a treat tomorrow. Last night my husband asked if I wanted any ice cream and I said no not tonight but I’ll have it tomorrow.  Well tomorrow is here so I have to deal with that.  My small achievable goals are to walk my 11K steps, take a walk at lunch time and eat no sugar products until tonight.  Today I’m just telling myself that I can have ice cream tonight when I’m done with dinner and hopefully mind trick myself out of that when it arrives.  The days are long and weird cravings can consume them.  I have also started to add some cleaner grains and legumes back into my diet so that my body doesn’t feel entirely deprived and maybe will ease off the mental cravings.

In Day 18 of my challenge I walked 17089 steps which was pretty high for this day but it felt good and when I keep moving it seems to help with many aspects. Going back to basics and just walking is therapeutic and the fresh air is lovely so on days when I don’t do Bikram and I just walk those days are nice too.