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  I have finished reading a few of Dr Hyman’s books including The Ultra-Simple diet, The Ultra-Mind Solution and now on The Ultra-Prevention Wellness. All his books basically have the same message about eating a clean organic whole diet. His philosophy is that what we eat effects our body, mind and spirit and that cleaning it up will help find the balance many of us are lacking. His books are not based on autoimmune diseases but he touches on the fact that autoimmune diseases with chronic pain are associated with inflammation and certain foods we eat can actually increase inflammation.

I have always believed that what I eat can help or hinder my health. The problem is that like I’m everyone I’m extremely disciplined in some areas of my life but when it comes to my diet I have both strict moments and not so strict moments. I can tell when I have not eaten well because I can feel it in my joints. This is just an indication that I’m retaining fluid and have increased inflammation. I’m a woman that loves food and all kinds of different foods so it isn’t hard for me to follow the 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day as well as getting my lean proteins whenever possible. I also love sweet things such as ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, as well as ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter. I just have to eat less of those yummy treats and more of the good stuff.

I’m preparing to take the Ultra-Simple Diet Challenge. This is a 7 day challenge encourages you to eat clean, organic whole foods. At first glance it seems easy and I wondered why they would consider it a challenge. As I got more involved in reading the books and looking at the schedule of events for the day I realized this could be tricky. One of the things he recommends is not eating anything that comes in a box, bag or can. OK, that takes care of about ¾ of the grocery store. I have come up with recipes that include a bag of organic rice but just rice no other ingredients. I will also get organic beans in a can as long as it is just beans and salt. I have read that any food that has a thin skin is the best to buy organic. This is still a good time to stock up on root vegetables and lots of greens. I have a Kale stew I’ll be making this week and will post the recipe.

There is a lot of journaling this week. I enjoy my journaling time since I have a lot to write about most days and it is just another way to clear my head. I will also be accountable to myself this way and honest about how I feel and if this whole food thing works. One of the things it suggests in starting your morning with a 2 Tbsp of organic extra-virgin olive oil or (EV00) with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will flush toxins from the system especially the live for better digestion as the day goes on. That sounds like a tough way to wake up at 4am but it is only for 7 days so I can do anything for 7 days.

My favorite part of the program is an evening bath with mediation to elevate the stressors from the day. I don’t do much mediation however I know it works and just need to find those extra minutes at the end of the day to stay quiet and ease into sleep with a calm quiet mind. Today is my prep day getting everything bought, bagged for the week, making recipes ahead of time and mentally preparing for a week devoted to me.