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  On Tuesday I had a PT appointment which I was really looking forward to since it has been awhile. It is a new year therefore I need a new evaluation. They put me through the range of motion testing to see where I was at these days. They were impressed with as much inflammation as I carry around in my body that my range of motion was so great. It was a nice indication and reminder of the things I’m doing that are helping. I have greater range of motion on my right side which did not come as a surprise to me since I feel tension and tightness in my left side most days. I have inflammation all throughout my body but I try daily to work through it and apparently it is helping.

We have a new game plan for PT which involves going less often but more rigorous while I’m there. I enjoy my sessions and feel calmer when I leave. This was exactly what I needed to get me through the rest of the week.



  I finished my 30 day challenge a couple of days early and got in a 150 miles of exercise. I realize most of it was done on the elliptical while some was completed on the treadmill and in my classes. It was a harder challenge than I thought it would be but glad I completed it and it is behind me. It is good to do a challenge every once in awhile and analyze how you felt doing it and how you feel when it is over. I feel relieved. There were many days I probably wouldn’t have worked out other than my Bikram class if I weren’t doing this challenge so it obviously helped keep me motivated. There were also days I probably shouldn’t have done anymore than my Bikram class but felt like I need to stick with the challenge. I did take a couple of days off and I needed them to recover from flare or fatigue.

As long as I’m listening to my body and doing what it needs I don’t mind pushing myself hard and resting when I need to rest. Sometimes I forget how strong I really am and if I continually push myself it reminds me that my body is capable of a lot. There are days when it is just capable of a leisurely walk around the Old Port but let’s be honest there is nothing wrong with that.

My husband has already asked me what my next challenge will be. I haven’t figured that out yet but it may not be a fitness challenge but more of a nutrition challenge. I am feeling like I’m not feeding my body very well right now and honestly I’m craving sugar morning, noon and night. I probably need a detox but I also know we are still about 3 weeks away from the bad eating season being over. I’m enjoying reading the “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and want to incorporate that wise thinking into my daily life. I’m surrounded by goodies, plus I’m making tons of goodies for my loved ones and when I go to reach for something the last thing on my mind is my apple. This too will pass and I’ll be back to normal eating, normal cravings, and indulgencing normally.


  I started my day in the Bikram studio but finished my challenge at lunch time with 4 miles on the elliptical machine. I need a night to process being done with the challenge and will write more tomorrow about it, what I liked, what was a challenge and what is next for me. This challenge is complete.


  I knew what was in store for me today so I had to get my mind ready and started in the Bikram studio. I took the energy of the other folks around and just let it soak in. The instructor kept saying clear your mind, clear your mind, clear your mind. I felt like she was talking to me because my mind is full today. After 90 minutes of feeling good and kind of clearing my mind I flew out there because my day needed to begin.

Today is a marathon shopping day with my mother. She stresses around this time of year and envies me for having my stuff in order, and done for the most part 2 weeks before Christmas. The ironic thing is I do this so I don’t have stress around the holidays and sure enough today I was stressed. We made a trip to the mall with list in hand ready to relieve my mother’s stress.

The place was a mad house, the parking was miles away so once we got parked I reset my fitbit and off we went. I figured I would see how many steps we took while out shopping and just see what it equals up. We were moving, we had a job to do and we needed to get it done quickly and efficiently. We were there just under 2 hours and logged 9300 steps. I am figuring that to be about 4miles. I stopped the fitbit once we got back to the car. I should have kept it running because from there we went to the grocery store and a big box store but I didn’t even think about all the steps I could have logged for the day. The good news is I got more miles logged today and reduced some of my mother’s stress, while spending time with her and yapping about the following weeks to come. This is a very special time of year when we remember what it is for.


  I had a good chuckle since I’m reading Mireille Guiliano’s book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and she makes a statement that women don’t need to spend 3 hours in the gym on Saturday morning. I enjoy my Saturday long work outs if I’m feeling good. Part of it is the social aspect of my morning crew, part is that I have time to really spend at the gym doing everything I want and part is that I feel really great afterwards. I understand what she is saying and if you truly don’t enjoy exercise than why put yourself through a long work out.

It did make me take notice this morning about who is there on Saturdays and what are they really doing. There are some people that are all business. They want to come in, knock it out and get going without speaking to anyone. Others spent 2 hours there and I’m not even sure they broke a sweat. There was a lot of gabbing but not much working. There is also a group, which I fit into nicely that chat quickly while on the machines but then wants to get back to reading and focusing. My social time is before my step class when I can really find out what’s going on with the women around me and when class starts it is back to business. In the weight room there is time for chatting between sets but not during sets.

I guess you can tell that I spent 3 hours at the gym this morning. I logged about 9 miles. This leaves me with 7 miles left and it looks like I’ll complete this challenge early.


  I went to the gym at lunch time and did an easy 3 miles on the elliptical and ended my day with a nice warm Bikram practice. Once I got home I was well rested, very calm and ready to start a fabulous weekend. 16 miles left.


  I am thankful that I woke up feeling well rested this morning and had a great work out. I was able to work out with a group of regulars at the gym that really keep me motivated and push me hard. I was able to get in 5 miles on the elliptical and ran for 3 miles this morning. I don’t usually attempt running first thing in the morning, usually do it late morning or early afternoon. I’m glad I tried it and thankful the people around me fed me good energy that kept me going. 19 miles left.