The new month has started and my steps for last week were average.  I’m not breaking any records with my steps and have decided to take a break from challenges for a while. I am focusing on my yoga practice and setting up my classes accordingly. I spend 2-3 hours per day doing my yoga practice and getting ready for any classes that I’ll be teaching for the week.  I have started to incorporate light weights into my personal practice which is very interesting on the body and my arms are getting quite a work out.

My accomplishment that I’m very proud of right now is that for the first time I can lower from high plank to low plank, hover for several seconds and push right back up in full push-up position.  I have been able to lower and hover for quite a while now but the push back up is a new found success for me.  It is a reminder that we all start somewhere and we all progress at our own perfect pace.  My legs are incredibly strong but my arms, chest, back and shoulders still need work.  I am truly a work in a progress and if I’m going to challenge my students I need to challenge myself.  It is a true statement that we never push ourselves as hard as someone pushes us so I have to take classes as well with other instructors to feel like a real working student.

I am a student of yoga and life and truly enjoy celebrating my personal success as much as celebrating my students’ successes.


Weekly – 72,864

Daily – 10,409

Miles – 28.5

Floors – 150


Hope this week brings you small victories and successes as well


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