Monthly Archives: January 2016


This week came as total surprise to me in terms of my total steps as I was so focused on yoga that I wasn’t thinking about any other forms of exercise but my weight training and a little bit of spinning.  Over the weekend it felt like I was barely moving except when I was doing my several hours of yoga.  I am pleased that normal life activity shows I’m moving even if I’m not focused on exercise in the true form of the word.


Weekly – 85,199

Daily – 12,171

Miles – 33.33

Floors – 181



This was shows a little more activity in my steps but I’m shocked by it as I feel like all my focus is going right to yoga these days.  It seems that on the weekends I’m not even hitting 5k steps each day but on this past Saturday I did 4 hours of yoga and Sunday I did 3 hours of yoga so I’m clearly moving my body which is building strength and flexibility.  I am kind of considering taking the fitbit off for a while and not worrying about my steps. However, as soon as a challenge starts I will want to be part of it and I like being connected to other fitbit folks as I watch their progress. There is a group at work that have fitbits and they are really enjoying getting their steps in and I enjoy watching their progress.


Weekly – 84,794

Daily – 12,113

Miles – 32.95

Floors – 153


My weekly stats are in and this is my first post of activity for the new year. My steps are lower than I would have thought they would be but my activity level was very high with hours and hours of yoga.  I had some time off for the holidays and started teaching yoga more and with that I spent a lot of time doing my own practice as well.  I truly enjoy preparing for the classes that I teach but I also enjoy getting my mat purely for my own purpose and my own practice.  I listen to the music that I love which is not usually “yoga type music” although even in my classes it is not your typical yoga music but when I am doing my own practice I might have on Cold War Kids, or Spoon, maybe even some Adel and the day the Beatles when streaming I did my yoga practice to Sargent Peppers so yes my practice is made especially for me and only me on any given day it could be completely different.

I have been really focusing on my meditation practice and have been really consistent with my sauna therapy practice and have gotten into the sauna at least 5 days a week since this summer.  I am anxious to see if I feel any different as the cold weather starts to set in for the winter months.  Honestly we did not even have cold weather until Dec 29th when the snow first came and now we have some pretty cold temperatures but all in all my body is holding up well and my Raynaud’s is really not that severe.  I am taking it one day at a time and doing what I can each day to take care of my body, mind and spirit. It is a long journey and never stops but all I have is time and a brand new year to see what happens next


Weekly – 66,182

Daily – 9,455 I did not make my 10K per day

Miles – 26.10

Floors – 69


Today is the start of a brand new year and I’m very excited about what 2016 has to offer. I had such wonderful moments in 2015 and achieved some amazing goals as well as ended the year on a healthy note.  I am 187 days without a flare and my hope is that I can reach a year.

I received my yoga teaching certification and have 2 classes a week that I’m teaching along with a full time career so if I had more time I would certainly devote more to teaching yoga. This past year I have developed a daily yoga practice with a daily meditation practice and if nothing else I think those 2 things have me healthier and stronger.

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions but I haven’t in many many years because I prefer to have goals and plans in which to achieve those goals. I once heard that goals without a plan are simply dreams and I have dreams too of course the things I believe might be achievable but yet I still question the likelihood and wonder how.  My goals are achievable and even if they take time I will get there.

The most important people in my life make my life what it is and how special it is. I have an amazing husband that makes this life so wonderful and he is truly my biggest supporter. My family is amazing and extremely supportive as well. My sister is home for Christmas and came to one of my yoga classes. It was truly so wonderful to have her there and watch her practice my yoga sequence. I have 2 nephews that I can’t wait to see what they learn and teach me in 2016. They are growing up so fast and I still don’t know where 5 years have gone.  I adopted 2 kittens from Tennessee for my birthday back in Oct and they have been with us 10 weeks, they literally make me smile every single day since they have been here.  They bring a spirit and life to our home that is so much fun.   They are sisters but nothing alike, perhaps they found each other on the truck from Tennessee to Maine and just clicked, perhaps they are truly sisters, all I know is that they love each other so much even though they are truly so different and they love my husband and I even more. Sounds silly and probably makes us sound like the couple without kids so we love our kittens and maybe so but they are wonderful and yet still allow me hours to do my yoga, spinning, weight training, walking and other activities. However, they do climb in my lap during meditation so part of my practice is disconnect from them for that time, I don’t make them move I make my mind believe they have moved.  It’s working so I let it be.

I hope this year brings you exactly what you need and although when we wake up today and believe since it is a new year it means a new start, you can wake up each day and start again, fresh and new and have a clean slate every day.