The numbers are in and much lower than I was expecting but I knew my activity level had dropped significantly this past week.  I am just coming off of nursing an injury and yoga is all I have been able to do now for over 10 days so I may see a slight trend upward as the days and weeks go on but I’m not expecting huge numbers for a while.  The more I do yoga, teach yoga and talk about yoga the more I love it.  There is this idea that yoga may be a form of light activity but if you want a real workout with some strength building it is truly possible.  I find my body getting stronger and stronger as time goes on and although I don’t pinpoint strength on a weekly or monthly basis I just notice my strength when I attempt postures I could not once do that I’m able to now.  There is also an element to practicing tough postures over and over that lends us to finding the strength to finally do them.  My yoga instructor said if the posture is important to you, you will find a way to do it.  Some postures are important to me and some clearly are not.


Weekly aver – 37,709

Daily – 5,387

Miles – 14.52

Floors – 125


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