My activity level was low last week and even lower this week.  I’m dealing with some life issues that have caused me to stop, think, take time and realize that life is not all about the activities I do in a week but just being present in life each and every day.  When I first was diagnosed with MCTD I could barely walk and I wasn’t active at all because I literally couldn’t.  Once I got the strength in my body to be active I have done all my body will allow for 12 years. I have watched my body change, weaken, strengthen, and do amazing things and now it needs time for rest.

My only focus is my yoga which I’m thoroughly enjoying teaching and doing my own practice but my steps are registering very low in the meter scale.  This was hard for me at first but I have come to grips with it, at least for a few days and I’m sure my brain and body will get antsy and be looking for that heart pump, major sweat and higher activity level but I must stay in rest mode at least for some time and then see what this body wants to try and accomplish again.  I am able to push myself in yoga and also challenge the students which is good for all of us and then rest, much needed rest so I actually get a nice balance of the two in my classes.  My own practice is normally fairly difficult for several days and then I turn to restorative yoga for a day or 2. Sometimes I do a difficult practice and follow up with a restorative practice later in the day.  When yoga is all you are doing you can do it when you feel like it and times allow.  I’m looking forward to my body finding its strength and my mind feeling some quiet and clarity and getting back to normal.


Weekly stats – 90,730

Daily – 12,961

Miles – 35.82

Floors – 155


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