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The numbers are in and much lower than I was expecting but I knew my activity level had dropped significantly this past week.  I am just coming off of nursing an injury and yoga is all I have been able to do now for over 10 days so I may see a slight trend upward as the days and weeks go on but I’m not expecting huge numbers for a while.  The more I do yoga, teach yoga and talk about yoga the more I love it.  There is this idea that yoga may be a form of light activity but if you want a real workout with some strength building it is truly possible.  I find my body getting stronger and stronger as time goes on and although I don’t pinpoint strength on a weekly or monthly basis I just notice my strength when I attempt postures I could not once do that I’m able to now.  There is also an element to practicing tough postures over and over that lends us to finding the strength to finally do them.  My yoga instructor said if the posture is important to you, you will find a way to do it.  Some postures are important to me and some clearly are not.


Weekly aver – 37,709

Daily – 5,387

Miles – 14.52

Floors – 125



My activity level was low last week and even lower this week.  I’m dealing with some life issues that have caused me to stop, think, take time and realize that life is not all about the activities I do in a week but just being present in life each and every day.  When I first was diagnosed with MCTD I could barely walk and I wasn’t active at all because I literally couldn’t.  Once I got the strength in my body to be active I have done all my body will allow for 12 years. I have watched my body change, weaken, strengthen, and do amazing things and now it needs time for rest.

My only focus is my yoga which I’m thoroughly enjoying teaching and doing my own practice but my steps are registering very low in the meter scale.  This was hard for me at first but I have come to grips with it, at least for a few days and I’m sure my brain and body will get antsy and be looking for that heart pump, major sweat and higher activity level but I must stay in rest mode at least for some time and then see what this body wants to try and accomplish again.  I am able to push myself in yoga and also challenge the students which is good for all of us and then rest, much needed rest so I actually get a nice balance of the two in my classes.  My own practice is normally fairly difficult for several days and then I turn to restorative yoga for a day or 2. Sometimes I do a difficult practice and follow up with a restorative practice later in the day.  When yoga is all you are doing you can do it when you feel like it and times allow.  I’m looking forward to my body finding its strength and my mind feeling some quiet and clarity and getting back to normal.


Weekly stats – 90,730

Daily – 12,961

Miles – 35.82

Floors – 155


Now that I have taught a couple of yoga classes I find that I’m more nervous in than the first time.  I think because my first class went so well that I created an expectation for myself that I can always do that well and maybe I can but reality is that I will have classes that leave there thinking what did I just do to those poor people Thankfully this weekend was not one of those moments.  I tried to put together a sequence that was restorative but challenging at the same time and believe I was successful in doing so.  I thought I was doing a lot of yoga before I started teaching, now I’m doing even more because I want to be able to practice my sequences before teaching them.  I’m not reading from note cards but I certainly have a rehearsed sequence that I am using and know very well so that if I need to be modify in any way for any students I can do so.

Everyone comes to yoga class for their own personal reasons and set on their own personal journeys.  It might be my sequence that I’m guiding but it is their practice and their exploration.  The more I do this the more I realize this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.  I’m on a new journey and a new path of teaching yoga but honestly I’m there to make sure their alignment and form is correct and safe, their bodies are going to tell them where to go, that is beautiful in so many ways.  This path is leading me to great inner peace and health.

My spinning and walking are activities that I enjoy doing and need that time for myself as I explore what my own body can do on and off the mat.

Weekly Total – 96,330

Daily – 13,761

Miles – 38.13

Floors – 165


I’m so happy to finally announce that after a year of doing my yoga teacher training I taught my first official class on Sunday. I was excited, nervous, and full of inside jitters but I did it and felt amazing after it was over.  I found my voice and taught what I know and ended up putting together a good sequence.

With more practice and experience I’m on my way to becoming a great yoga instructor and honestly I truly love it.  I find teaching so fulfilling but I also find being a student of yoga so fulfilling as well so in my case I have the best of both worlds. I do yoga every day many days a week in classes, now I’m starting to teach and I also have my home practice.  It is all good, very stimulating, strengthen building and spirit filling. I’m on my path, my journey, and my yoga adventure.

You can see from my weekly stats that I was really focused on yoga and not so much getting my steps in. I’m fairly sure that has time goes on, I get more opportunities to teach that the need for cardio, and weight training will take back seats to finding that great yoga sequence that gets the body moving with meaning and guiding my students.  I’m ok with the slow down and the change as well as the ramping up of my yoga practice. It really truly takes hours being on the mat to create sequences that are challenging, fun and fulfilling as well as hours to learn the sequence once it has been created.  Due to the fact that I’m brand new teaching I didn’t venture too far off “script” but I knew that sequence inside and out so it didn’t feel like a script in the studio.

My goal is to become so confident in my teaching that I can walk into a yoga studio and ask the students what they want to work on since I like it when instructors do that in the classes I attend. I will get there and now that I have started all I have is time on my side.

On to the weekly stats

Total – 73,260

Daily – 10,466

Miles – 29.03

Floors – 184

Keep moving in any way that feels right for you, for that day, for your body.