This week my steps dropped way off but I have 2 very cute excuses for that, Chia and Coconut the 2 new comers to our home.  These little kittens have stolen our hearts and settled into home with my husband and I like they have been there forever.  We spend hours playing with them and sitting with them and cuddling with them.  I have done some sort of yoga every day however they are right on my mat when I start and I end up moving around them so it is more like Kitten sequencing then Warriror Sequencing.  I did spin one day this past week and tried to walk a little bit but only made it through about 30 minutes of Leslie Sansone.  Friends have been challenging me on Fitbit but I very nicely decline as I just need time to transition our babies thoroughly and then we can get back to regular life in a few weeks. In all honestly my body feels really good even without all the activity but I think that doing the yoga is keeping my joints really limber right now.  The weather is cold so my hands and feet are having a hard time and spending hours cuddled up with hubby and kittens does wonders for the core temperature.

Stats for the week

Total – 87,831

Daily – 12,547

Miles – 35.25

Floors – 162


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