Ever feel like you are in a rut?  I’m definitely in a working out rut and it happens about once a year for me.  I don’t really feel like doing any of it but at the same time the thought of not doing it makes me anxious and crazy. Last year about this time I was feeling the same way and my trainer asked me to take a week off and said that taking the full week off would be better mentally and physically then pushing through with a half assed work out.  I don’t know about that.  I wondered about back then and didn’t take a week off and the feelings passed and here I am again.  I did however just walk for a week last year as a compromise to doing something vs. nothing.

I was thinking I might do the same thing this year but I always have so much yoga that has to be done that I can’t avoid it.  I’m still doing my teacher training so yoga is top priority for me in the mornings and evening and I enjoyed all summer with walking outside 1 -2 times per day.  Now I’m back in the gym every day and spinning either in the morning or at lunch time and doing my weight training 3 days a week and my mind just isn’t fully focused on the task.  I think I’ll do the compromise again for a week and do my yoga certainly with just walking for 7 days and see if this rut makes its way by the wayside.

With winter coming, the holidays coming and just the feeling of dark and cold I don’t want to be in this rut long and I don’t want it to come back again for another year so I’ll try this and see what happens.

My steps this week were still decent and I am still staying active even with the brain rut.

Weekly – 97,913

Daily – 13,988

Miles – 38.32

Floors – 169


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