This week was an interesting one, my steps are virtually the same as the last week but my yoga really ramped up and my weight training was stepped up a notch therefore my spinning and walking decreased this week.  My body is sore from my weight training so I’m trying to do more yoga during the day and perhaps get in 3-4 hours per day as well as use the sauna as a way to warm on some of these rather cold mornings.  With Raynaud’s we really cannot be too warm in order to ensure safe hands and feet so the sauna is giving me a burst of heat each morning before I come into work and then I get to spend longer on the weekends when things are quiet in the mornings and I’m not needed until later in the day.

This past weekend we were outside a lot enjoying pumpkin festivals, soccer games, and family gatherings but my body does not appreciate the cold weather so while I do not say no to enjoying the outside fun I have to make sure to really warm up nicely afterward.

I did receive my stand up desk at work a couple of weeks ago and got used to standing 8 + hours really quickly. I do have a stool for any days that I’m in flare and required to sit. Other than during flares I do not intend to sit which is also creating a new constant warmth in my body.  I don’t ever expect to flare but I know eventually I will so I just have to be ready and perhaps sit those days.

I am wondering when the perpetual muscle soreness subsides but my trainer keeps telling me that if I am doing it right I should be sore.  Is that true? Do I have to live with muscle soreness and fatigue if I’m doing regular weight training?

I have also noticed that my knees and elbows are little cranky after I train but I’m not blaming weight training since I’m doing hours of yoga which can also fatigue them and spinning on my knees so I’m working on exercises to strengthen my knees and elbows also and wouldn’t you know, it is helpful to strengthen the muscles around these joints.  Should have figured that one out!!

Weekly – 92,946

Daily – 13,278

Miles – 36.55

Floors – 165


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