This week was an active week with lots of walking, golf playing and yet I still had time to fit in mega hours of yoga and yes I’m even keeping up with my weight training.  I must admit that weight training is my least favorite aspect of health and exercise. I certainly understand the benefits of it and I do not worry about bulking or looking un-feminine but I don’t like the perpetual soreness I feel all the time.  Also, my smaller joints don’t feel great like my elbows, shoulders, wrists and even the back of my knees.  I would think that with my hours of yoga I would be strengthening these areas but perhaps I’m falling into a bit of over usage. It seems as though activity and exercise are a catch 22 in that you need it but you can also overdo it.

Weekly – 127,755

Average daily – 18,251

Miles – 49.58

Floors – 227

Tomorrow is the first day of fall and considering that the mornings are starting off at a brisk 45 and only getting to about 60 during the day I’m fairly sure that my walking outside is going to be coming to an end and I’ll be doing more spinning during the winter months.  This is the time of year where my Raynaud’s start to get increasingly worse and I am already wearing gloves in the morning and the evenings.  The doctor told me that when the weather is below 65 degrees I must consider it cold and protect my fingers and toes so I am.


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