I even surprise myself from time to time.  There are lot of people around me with Fitbits now and they tend to have challenges going quite frequently.  My husband refers to me as the “step bully” but only because one of the groups I challenge with really is just trying to get their 10k steps a day.  Other groups are pushing me to strive for 20k steps a day and I even have my sights set on 30k. I had one day last week where I had 29,054 steps. If I knew I was that close I would have walked in my drive way just to reach the true 30k steps in one day.  There are others out there doing even more than that so I try and accept invitations to groups where they are really pushing the limits. I certainly don’t want my peers to think of me as a step bully and although I like to encourage them sometimes it just seems out of reach for some people.

I also still have hours of yoga I’m putting in and trying and committing to my 2 days a week weight training is also difficult so I like to push myself on days I can and really see what I’m capable of.  I even surprise myself with all the yoga, walking spinning and golf I am able to fit into a week.  I don’t have children, I have a super supportive husband who knows that every day of fitness is a gift for me and although doesn’t necessarily understands my obsession is supportive enough to watch it happen.  On days I don’t feel as good or I need rest I’m also observant enough to recognize it and take those days.  That is exactly what we did on Sunday.  It started with a nice walk, a few hours of yoga (which is just a given for daily training) only 9 holes of golf and then sitting and reading on the back deck enjoying each other’s company, the sunshine, and the last days of summer and lots of rest.  We need rest just as much as we need activity.

Total steps – 142,749

Daily average – 20,393

Miles – 56.24

Floors – 321


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