Today is the beginning of a new month and already this month is starting out pretty good.   Interestingly my week looks very similar to last week.  Maybe this means my body is on the up side of strength and when I feel good I take full advantage of it.

Total steps – 117,385

Average daily – 16,769

Miles – 45.00

Floors – 170

New month, new goals, and adding weight training back into the mix.  I met with trainer and although it had been a while my form and alignment are still very good, the weight amount has dropped some but I believe I will have it back up to normal in no time.  However, I forget that with regular weight training you have that perpetual body soreness and just when soreness starts to subside it is time to train again.  After training I make sure to have yoga lined up so help stretch out the shoulders, triceps, chest, and hamstrings. Between spinning, walking and now weight training my hamstrings are as tight as they have ever been so doing simple folds or other postures that lengthen the hamstrings it is difficult but I really need the yoga to keep that all loose.  I need yoga for so many things but especially to counter the activity I put my body through.

On Saturday I stepped in the Bikram studio where I haven’t been in a while and instantly felt the warmth and the humidity and really enjoyed being there.  Bikram is a good practice for me to loosen my tight areas and although I get the same relief from my vinyassa classes, my body and mind and lungs really enjoy that incredibly hot room.  When I walk in and instantly start sweating I just know that I’m about to work and as much as I “work” with other activity there is just something really special about the way I feel in that room.

I realize it is not for everyone and that’s why there are so many forms of yoga out there because there is a form to fit any personality, I just happen to have a personality that likes them all except maybe the chanting yoga but that is just my brain getting in the way.  I’m not writing off just saying I don’t seek it out.


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2 thoughts on “WEEKLY STATS

  1. Jean Snyder September 5, 2015 at 4:30 pm Reply

    I just found your log when I was looking for alternative treatments for MCTD which I was diagnosed with 2 years ago. I am having a flare up now with muscle pain, anxiety and fatigue. My CRP is quite elevated. I really don’t want to go on Prednisone so I was looking for other treatments that have worked for others. I am going to an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist right now. I swim 3 times a week which makes me feel better always. Have you found any dietary changes, herbs, etc that work well for you?

    • mevsmctd September 5, 2015 at 8:41 pm Reply

      Hello Jean
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m sorry you are going through a flare and hopefully it will pass quickly. You are smart to look at other alternatives, however, prednisone is the medicine we love to hate and hate to love. It can quickly make us feel better but does a number on our systems. I think I have tried everything you can possibly imagine some with success, some with no success and some I really couldn’t tell one way or the other. Depending on your current diet the biggest change I have seen is I do better when I eat simple real food. Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts/seeds and on really active days some white rice. However, when I’m in flare my whole body needs rest so I have lot of smoothies, tons of rest and more than normal water and tea. Magnesium has helped me with muscle pain and fatigue. Rest, Rest and more Rest are really key to getting through a flare and when you are back at your base-line maybe experiment with foods and supplements.

      Good luck and whether you take the prednisone or not I will be wishing you a quick recovery back to base-line


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