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This week was an active week with lots of walking, golf playing and yet I still had time to fit in mega hours of yoga and yes I’m even keeping up with my weight training.  I must admit that weight training is my least favorite aspect of health and exercise. I certainly understand the benefits of it and I do not worry about bulking or looking un-feminine but I don’t like the perpetual soreness I feel all the time.  Also, my smaller joints don’t feel great like my elbows, shoulders, wrists and even the back of my knees.  I would think that with my hours of yoga I would be strengthening these areas but perhaps I’m falling into a bit of over usage. It seems as though activity and exercise are a catch 22 in that you need it but you can also overdo it.

Weekly – 127,755

Average daily – 18,251

Miles – 49.58

Floors – 227

Tomorrow is the first day of fall and considering that the mornings are starting off at a brisk 45 and only getting to about 60 during the day I’m fairly sure that my walking outside is going to be coming to an end and I’ll be doing more spinning during the winter months.  This is the time of year where my Raynaud’s start to get increasingly worse and I am already wearing gloves in the morning and the evenings.  The doctor told me that when the weather is below 65 degrees I must consider it cold and protect my fingers and toes so I am.



This week was a good but not nearly as impressive for me as last week.  Still each step is a good one to take and I realize that I need each and every one of them.  On weeks like this I look back in journal and see more yoga or resting, I did a Bikram class this past week and more weight training so each time I do something besides walking it takes away steps but that doesn’t mean I’m not active and I just have to remind myself of that.

Weekly – 119,620

Average daily – 17,089

Miles – 47.47

Floors – 139


There are many days I go out for a walk at lunch time and use my lunch break as a way to reduce some of the day’s stress or I go to the gym and power through a class of some sort.  However, I very rarely have a fascinating experience in 60 minutes time while getting away from the office until today.  Today I decided to treat myself to an hour at the Portland Science Center to see the Body World show.  With the study of anatomy for my yoga training, my own obsession with bodies, health and how things work, along with my need to understand why I have MCTD and how to work with it, this exhibit was totally geared toward the novice health geek as well as the medical field or anyone who is just interested in how we work.

There is controversy surrounding this exhibit and I do not take lightly what I saw but I still cannot actually put into words how I felt being in there and how I feel after what I saw.  It makes me so thankful to those that donated their bodies for science and also thankful that Portland decided to show this exhibit.  I learned a lot and got to see up close what is happening with the stuff we are discussing in my anatomy class.  I don’t think I need to see it again but the memories are with me and over the course of the next several days I will still need time to process.

Tonight I have a yoga class that can take me inside my own body and process what I saw today along with what my own body is doing and draw some correlations.  I don’t know if I will find the words to talk about this with anyone who hasn’t seen it and will have to decide if I want to engage in conversation with someone who has. I went by myself so the experience is mine to do with it as I see fit.  Maybe to keep processing, exploring my own body and teetering on my own edges is the best thing about this experience.  I have so many questions about my body and why it will or won’t do certain things, this exhibit gave me some answers and left me with many more questions.  Exploration is key on and off the mat when it comes to our bodies and minds but everything is really connected from the baby toe to the brain and it is amazing.


I even surprise myself from time to time.  There are lot of people around me with Fitbits now and they tend to have challenges going quite frequently.  My husband refers to me as the “step bully” but only because one of the groups I challenge with really is just trying to get their 10k steps a day.  Other groups are pushing me to strive for 20k steps a day and I even have my sights set on 30k. I had one day last week where I had 29,054 steps. If I knew I was that close I would have walked in my drive way just to reach the true 30k steps in one day.  There are others out there doing even more than that so I try and accept invitations to groups where they are really pushing the limits. I certainly don’t want my peers to think of me as a step bully and although I like to encourage them sometimes it just seems out of reach for some people.

I also still have hours of yoga I’m putting in and trying and committing to my 2 days a week weight training is also difficult so I like to push myself on days I can and really see what I’m capable of.  I even surprise myself with all the yoga, walking spinning and golf I am able to fit into a week.  I don’t have children, I have a super supportive husband who knows that every day of fitness is a gift for me and although doesn’t necessarily understands my obsession is supportive enough to watch it happen.  On days I don’t feel as good or I need rest I’m also observant enough to recognize it and take those days.  That is exactly what we did on Sunday.  It started with a nice walk, a few hours of yoga (which is just a given for daily training) only 9 holes of golf and then sitting and reading on the back deck enjoying each other’s company, the sunshine, and the last days of summer and lots of rest.  We need rest just as much as we need activity.

Total steps – 142,749

Daily average – 20,393

Miles – 56.24

Floors – 321


Today is the beginning of a new month and already this month is starting out pretty good.   Interestingly my week looks very similar to last week.  Maybe this means my body is on the up side of strength and when I feel good I take full advantage of it.

Total steps – 117,385

Average daily – 16,769

Miles – 45.00

Floors – 170

New month, new goals, and adding weight training back into the mix.  I met with trainer and although it had been a while my form and alignment are still very good, the weight amount has dropped some but I believe I will have it back up to normal in no time.  However, I forget that with regular weight training you have that perpetual body soreness and just when soreness starts to subside it is time to train again.  After training I make sure to have yoga lined up so help stretch out the shoulders, triceps, chest, and hamstrings. Between spinning, walking and now weight training my hamstrings are as tight as they have ever been so doing simple folds or other postures that lengthen the hamstrings it is difficult but I really need the yoga to keep that all loose.  I need yoga for so many things but especially to counter the activity I put my body through.

On Saturday I stepped in the Bikram studio where I haven’t been in a while and instantly felt the warmth and the humidity and really enjoyed being there.  Bikram is a good practice for me to loosen my tight areas and although I get the same relief from my vinyassa classes, my body and mind and lungs really enjoy that incredibly hot room.  When I walk in and instantly start sweating I just know that I’m about to work and as much as I “work” with other activity there is just something really special about the way I feel in that room.

I realize it is not for everyone and that’s why there are so many forms of yoga out there because there is a form to fit any personality, I just happen to have a personality that likes them all except maybe the chanting yoga but that is just my brain getting in the way.  I’m not writing off just saying I don’t seek it out.