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I knew that this past week I had increased walking to squeeze in some of the last nice days of summer but even I was surprised when I got my totals.  This was a good week with lots of walking, golf and of course my yoga.  Notice that my weight training has been weak for several weeks. I know I need to work on that as the balance comes when everything is in place.  Finding the time for everything is the hard part.

Total steps – 117,659

Average daily – 16,808

Miles – 45.20

Floors – 159



IMG_0395 (1)

I have been a bit absent from posting blogs while I figure some things out, mostly involving my health but also in life in general. At the beginning of the summer I was not feeling well and now starting to get back on track but I have been taking this health issue seriously and although I had things dialed fairly well my body turned on itself and it has been a struggle to get back to base line. I almost thought I was going to need to find a new base line but I have finally made it back and feeling good again. This change in feeling good does not mean that I have it figured out and that I am not going to still see a specialist in the coming months to help sort out the Raynaud’s and calcium deposits my body is creating. It does mean however that I am back to doing my walking, spinning, yoga and golfing.

However, it also helps that we are just getting back from our week long journey to “camp” where there is so much rest that one cannot help but feel great. I realize that the rest I experienced over the last week is exactly what my body and mind need and when I get plenty of rest, not necessarily sleep but no stress my body just feels better. There comes a time in the year when I have just had enough and my body let’s me know it. This summer was that time for me.

My husband and I went golfing over the week and I was playing the best golf since we started last year. I contribute that good golf to feeling so relaxed. My capacity for love, openness, quiet, and fun are far reached when I’m resting versus trying to force my mind and body to become quiet in the midst of stressful days and situations. I cannot stop stress, I wish I knew a way to make it happen but the truth is I need to figure out a way to manage it. The funny thing is that up until camp I would say I didn’t feel stress but once we got there I immediately took a sigh of relief and enjoyed the whole week worry free. If only every day was designed around summer camp, but it isn’t. I did laugh with my husband that when I truly get to retire I am going to be one good golfer!! The thought is good but a long ways off.

Weekly Stats

I know I’m a little bit behind on my weekly stats but I also enjoying some serious quiet time and just unplugging for a bit.  However, even in the world of unplugging I did leave my fitbit running. Here are the stats from the previous week.

total – 105,860

daily average – 15,123

miles – 41.11

floors 269

this was a pretty good week for me, I was able to get in some spin classes and a lot walking.  My favorite activity in the summer time is walking because I can be outside all the time and really enjoy the fresh air and warm weather.


Here we are in a new month, ready to embark on new challenges and enjoy the summer.  In Maine summer comes late and leaves way too early so this is the month that we really enjoy water, sun and fun.  My steps this past week are an indicator of how much fun I have in the summer time and how much I enjoy being outside walking, riding, playing golf and other activities.  The unfortunate part is that it is hard for me to be inside a yoga studio this time of year unless I have to be so I have taken my mat outside to do my practicing when able.  The summer is short and I want to enjoy each day that I can.

Weekly Stats – 133,813

Daily Average – 19,116

Miles – 51.80

Floors – 239

That is probably the biggest week I have had in a long time and was not participating in any challenges just participating in life.