Here are my weekly stats, it helped that I participated in challenge last week with my co-workers so they kept me moving.

Total – 108,050

Daily average – 15,436

Miles – 41.82

Floors – 246

All in all I’m feel better and looking forward to meeting with a Raynaud specialist to see if we can take better care of my fingers and toes as well as see a new Rheumy just for another opinion about my long term management care.  12 years is a long time to have MCTD and since most people with MCTD move into different categories of MCTD I need to figure out what my life looks like long term and if there are things I can do now to make for a better transition later I’m all in.  However, I need to have some guidance and have other people weigh in with their opinions and suggestions.  I’m very hopeful for the future but need to properly prepare for it.


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