I fell off the edge of a flare into full blown flare.  It was nearly 290 days but unfortunately I go back to zero and start over. I am not at my base line yet and I know I have to be very kind to myself as finding base line again will be difficult and it may be different.  It seems every base line changes from time to time.  I did increase my prednisone to try and help the symptoms and feel better but then I have to come back down off of it which is challenging for my body.  This body needs things right all the time and I have not been handling my stress and work life very well.  Is this my trigger? Is travel my trigger?  Is adding hours of yoga to an already full day my trigger?  I don’t know what my trigger or triggers are but I do know that I am starting over and have to take it 1 day at a time again.

Truth is, I feel completely bummed by it.  I forget sometimes that I even have MCTD until I am quickly reminded and my body decides that now is the time to stop react and remind me to take it easy and get things under control. Until I find this control I will be resting, walking and doing my yoga.  Speaking of walking, I also have my stats for the week

Total steps 90,025

Daily 13,146

Miles 35.32

Floors 173


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4 thoughts on “FELL OFF THE EDGE

  1. Laura July 2, 2015 at 12:41 pm Reply

    I understand the frustration! Forgetting we have this condition is easy when things go well. Rest and be good to your body. Hope you feel better soon!!

    • mevsmctd July 4, 2015 at 10:04 am Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and send me your well wishes. I am slowly getting back to base-line with the help of my “pred friend” and some rest but it is taking much longer this time. I have been doing a lot of walking and yoga to keep the body moving, the mind quiet and the spirit full. Sometimes that is all we need to keep things moving in the right direction.


  2. jodiebodie July 23, 2015 at 7:42 am Reply

    I am sorry I am late to read your news but as soon as I read “fell off the edge” I thought “Oh noooooo!” in dismay for you.

    Yes, mctd certainly ‘does one’s head in’ during better times when it is tempting to pretend that it isn’t an issue. I hate the weaning process from stronger meds back to normal too. It takes ages and I hate the side effects that go with it.

    Often I won’t take them when I really should because I don’t want to have to tolerate the strong meds for weeks at a time. I will always try and add extra rest etc to the daily mix before reaching for the heavy steroid dose. I would rather be out of sorts for a number of days instead of weeks. I am sure my doctor would not like to read this!

    You are not the only one to observe changes in baseline. Every time I have a setback, it is always a ‘new normal’ after the event. Constantly adjusting to ‘new normals’ does the head in too!

    I hope you are feeling a lot better by the time you get this message.

    • mevsmctd July 23, 2015 at 12:31 pm Reply

      Hi Jodie – thank you for all your kind words and responses to my posts. After several days I have a new game plan and feel like although I’m still unsure of the near future I have better grasp on how to deal with today which as you made comment to, is the most important. I feel better but still have work to do but realizing and accepting my “new normal”. Thank you again for the taking the time to read my blog and staying in touch with me.


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