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Today was our 2nd annual ride for diabetes. I don’t have it and no one in my immediate family suffers from it but we have extended family, friends, and co-workers with it.  While we ride my mom and husband wait at the start and finish line for us and they are always so proud when we cross the finish line 2 hours later.  Yes there is lunch waiting for us all so that may be part of the reason they are so happy to see us.

The last 2 years we have ridden the 50K and we have decided not to ride next year because of my sister’s wedding, however, our riding as a family is not over.  I have little nephews that we can add to the mix, I have a brother, sister-in-love, mom, sister and future brother-in-love and yes even my husband I would like to make part of the mix.  However, most of them have already said, “no thank you” as politely as they can.

The weather was 75 today and we got up early to head down south about, interestingly enough 35 miles. I could have ridden down there on my bike for the amount of miles I rode today.  There was a great turn out and a lot of money raised for a serious disease.  Type I is an autoimmune disease, if money and research can help find cures, new meds, and get people’s attention for this autoimmune disease I feel as though there is hope for others so just because I do not live with diabetes, I ride to help find a cure and perhaps piggyback off of that cure for MCTD.

Interestingly enough there is a turkey run for arthritis, yes you guessed it around Thanksgiving.  I ask you with stiff, sore, tight, cold joints why not run in May or June?  I would make a point of eating turkey in May in order to trot for arthritis but I cannot bring myself to run in the cold when I know how stiff, sore and numb my hands will be after I finish.

The biking actually feels much better on my joints then running ever did and I although I may not get a runners high from cycling I got to see 35 miles of Maine coast lands on a beautiful summer day with my step-father and my family near by cheering me on.  I choose cycling anytime.


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