This past week I have pulled my bike out as I start to train for our 50k ride in June for diabetes. I don’t have diabetes but it is an auto-immune disease so any progress the medical field makes in the diabetes realm perhaps it can also pertain to MCTD over the years of research. This is my 2nd annual ride but I the fun part is that I just learned to ride a bike for last year’s ride so this year I actually know what I’m doing. Riding is great exercise but it doesn’t translate well to steps on the fitbit. I had a very active week, it just doesn’t show well on the weekly steps. The floors is registering the big hills I climbed and registered my body headed upward so I have a big increase in my floors this week. During this ride I also did 100 floors in one day and earned my skyscraper badge from fitbit. Not that it means much but it is fun to get my e-mail about badges earned.


Total – 88,751

Average – 12,679

Miles – 34.29

Floors – 255


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