Everyone in my office environment is suffering from some sort of running nose, watery eye phenomenon but some call it a cold others call it allergies and who really knows? Last week I traveled clear across the country from Portland Maine to Vancouver BC and it was one of the longest trips I have taken in sometime. I was on 2 airplanes for more than 12 hours and my body was stiff and sore when I got off the plane out west. I did yoga that same night and each morning thereafter until I returned home. When I got home my body was so stiff and sore that I have been doing a mixture of Yin yoga with Vinyassa to get the kinks out and also doing some massage therapy. My body and mind feel utterly exhausted. My thoughts are scattered and I while sitting up meditating I actually fell asleep one morning. I have been trying to walk, do a lot of yoga and lay off the weight training until my body has the strength to perform normally again.

I have been doing some reading and writing but like now just typing out this blog is taking me longer than usual as I’m fighting foggy brain and forgetting my words. Last night my skin was hurting and my body was so sore but my husband mentioned that I had glassy eyes also. I said oh I think it is either a cold or allergies. He said it was traveler’s fatigue. Interesting, traveler’s fatigue, I believe he just may be right. The symptoms are similar to what other people in the office are facing but because I don’t get office bugs but once a year and have never had allergies I think he might have nailed my diagnosis. I have never really done well with traveling and doing a long distance stint like that was fairly grueling. Coming back and losing the 3 hours seemed to be more difficult but it could all be mental and both ways are just as difficult.

When I got home I went to one yoga session at the studio but realize my body needed more restorative yoga and that is when I turned to Yin. I have been doing Yin now every day since my arrival home, but fitting in some sessions of vinyassa just to remind my body and mind that I can in fact do this and although it will take some time to get back to base line I am willing to do everything needed to get there as well as wait as long as it takes. It all goes back to listening closely to what the body needs and what mine needs right now is rest. Walking seems to be working fairly well and even doing a few minutes of walking meditation at lunch time are helping. The weather has turned a corner here in Maine so getting fresh air outside and some vitamin D is also helping. All these things add up to getting back to base line as quickly as possible without pushing too hard, too fast and expecting too much.


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