Sunday was my yogathon at Gillette Stadium and I am so full of energy and love today.  My heart is incredibly full with joy, love, hope, light and energy so I’m getting on this wave and riding it for as long as it will last. I traveled down there and did this yogathon with an incredible group of people and while we were hours into our yoga practice once of the instructors said think about the connections you have made through your yoga.  I have made many connections but 4 very important connections were right there on the field with me.  It was amazing, we are so strong, our team has so much life and energy, and we had a blast.  You could see people get fatigued and lose form but our team with their strength kept our form and breath very well.

Speaking of breath, yoga is all about moving the breath and were challenged with the very first yoga instructor who moved way faster than our breath would allow so we had to slow down, find the sequence, and continue on our own breaths.  We are disciplined enough to realize that moving that fast without proper form would not get us through our day of yogathoning very long.   Finding your breath, your form, your alignment, your voice, your strength, your confidence is challenging but so amazing when it all comes together and so worthy of doing.  There was this strong energy there and you could feel it, really feel it.  At one point we all locked arms and did supported tree and Warrior III that was incredible.  Having everyone be and feel supported we were able to hold those 2 poses back to back for a long period of time with ease.

I am a junkie for this stuff but it is because I can take this huge feeling for fulfillment with me for a long time and feed off of it.  I have carried it into an otherwise stressful day and a let a little of it out as needed to keep me from not being overly stressed, fatigued, worn out, and broken.  The other thing that keeps my spirits alive and energized today is that I am so thankful that I have a healthy, happy, supportive, loving group of people around me that I can count on each and every day.  There were parents there struggling because of sick children, depressed children, and otherwise challenges in their family which is why they so needed the money raised that day to help our children.  Heart felt stories with not so happy endings but beginnings of new life and new support as we all came together on that field in honor of children who need our help.

We are already talking about doing it again next year, having a bigger team and raising even more money for the children who need our help and the hospital that makes it all possible.  I love the yoga studio and proud to be a member of it as well as so proud of the people in our studio and their dedication and commitment to making a difference in the hands


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