I participated in a weekend warrior challenge through Fitbit this past weekend and I just didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted nor did I have enough time to get in enough steps. I usually hang right in top 2 of these challenges and found myself in 4 place toward the end of the weekend a quick move into 3rd to finish out the weekend. The problem is that this becomes more stressful and not so fun. I already feel like my weekends are jammed packed, come and go so quickly, and I never have enough time but when I add a challenge to them then they become stressful weekends. No one needs that. With that said I also worked a lot on my yoga sequencing, worked on my golf swing, and stepped on the pedals of my bike but those activities just don’t register “steps”


My husband reminds me that when we get out on the golf course several times a week my steps naturally go up without me doing anything different and I enjoy this time because we are together, I get fresh air outside along with sunlight, and I’m active. I don’t consider myself a competitive person but my husband laughs out loud at that comment.

Stats for the past week, and really after seeing them I have nothing to worry or complain about.


Total 97,565

Average – 13,938

Floors – 233

Miles – 37.97


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