This past week I didn’t think I did much walking because I was focused on my yoga as usual and I walked outside a few days to get some fresh air, enjoy the spring and rejuvenate. While walking outside I was listening to my podcasts and taking in the scenery so when I was done I was not fatigued or even felt like I had worked. However, I still managed to put in a good number of steps this week. This week also did not include any challenges so I’m happy with my progress this week.


Total – 91,769

Average daily – 13,110

Miles – 35.18

Floors – 154


Going forward my bike is out, dusted off and ready to ride so my steps are naturally going to decrease my activity will not.


2 thoughts on “STEPPING IN TIME

  1. I am trying to start an exercise routine. Got off track over the winter.

  2. mevsmctd April 15, 2015 at 12:55 pm Reply

    The most wonderful thing about life is you can restart anytime you need and it just takes putting one foot in front of the other to get started. If I can offer any little bit of advice it is to take it slow, make it work for you, and don’t try just do. Just setting the intention of doing instead of trying will make a difference. Also on the days you need rest, relaxation and recovery take them they are just as important as your walking, weight training and stretching days. Good luck to you and keep me posted on your progress.

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