As you most of you are aware if you have been reading my blog for any length of time I journal every day so I can keep track of how many days since my last flare. I am excited to say I am over 200 days, 202 to be exact. Granted just slightly over 200 but I made it. I wouldn’t say that every day I feel like a rock star but I for 202 days I haven’t had to nurse a flare. I feel very thankful for each and every day that passes without a flare but there are some record numbers for me and 200 is turning into a record day. I was over a year before my last one so I would very much enjoy getting to a year again. However, with MCTD and flares it is a day by day thing so I might flare tomorrow but at least I have these 202 days to fall back on and know I can get there.

To put it in perspective, I have hit being flare-up free 90 days exactly 3 times in the last 11 years, 200 days 2 times now, and 1 year or 365 days just once in 11 years. My periods of being flare-up free are increasing each time. It takes me a little longer to recover from a flare after I have one. I just have to take it day by day and not worry about when the flare comes because it isn’t a matter of “if” just “when” and when it does I will be ready to take care of myself. Recover as long as necessary and start the process all over again.

Right now it has been over 200 days since I had to recover from a flare and since so much time goes by I really don’t think about it but I notice immediately if my fatigue levels increases I treat my body with kindness. As well, with my meditation and yoga I am really able to keep my stress levels down so I know that is helping and will continue to help. I made a job change in the winter which allows me the opportunity to really leave my work at work and not bring it into our house-hold which is great for me, good my husband and allows our home to be the tranquility, safe place it needs to be. Stress is by far the number one trigger for most people because our bodies and minds can only handle so much and we tend to push further then we should so our bodies stop us by flaring, or giving us the cold or flu, or just drops us like rocks until we rest. The idea is moderate what happens every day with your body so you can recognize what it needs when it needs so we don’t flare or drop like rocks and for our super immune systems get sick if we do. I don’t tend to get sick because my immune system is so strong but it doesn’t mean my body stops me in my tracks either.

I’m still learning to read all the signs but when I was doing yoga the other day and having trouble with a posture that I could so easily do just the day before my husband commented that I am really getting in-tune with my body. I thought I was already really in-tune with my body and I might have been but he sees that knowledge growing and he sees me not reacting as though I should be able to do something but doing what I’m able right now which is very different. I’m learning, listening, recognizing, reacting, and journaling.


2 thoughts on “OVER 200 DAYS

  1. jodiebodie April 7, 2015 at 10:12 pm Reply

    Yay for 202 days! (says she who just got home from another stint in the hospital and truly appreciates your achievement and the rejoicing for 202 days)

    • mevsmctd April 7, 2015 at 10:27 pm Reply

      I’m so sorry you have been fighting health issues and in the hospital none the less. Hearing that makes me extremely grateful for everyday that I am able to do what I what and need to do. I was grateful before but it doesn’t hurt to have reminders that this disease can cause us heartache at any moment and although I rejoice for my 202 days there are others struggling. I do hope you find your health soon and rejoice over the days you are able to feel better. I will be thinking about you.


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