On Sunday my husband and I decided to go to brunch because we hadn’t eaten out since our vacation several weeks ago and do enjoy going out every once in a while for either brunch or dinner but really brunch is our favorite. He picked the place which was this adorable little place in the Old Port Portland area. We walked in and the place was small and the food smelled so good. We were seated right away and didn’t arrive terribly hungry so we were able to contain ourselves for a minute while we sipped hot coffee planning our brunch in a strategic manner. They had an entire page of different meats and cheeses so my husband ordered some of his favorite meats and we nibbled happily away on them. This is a place that makes home-made donuts to order so they come out piping hot but both of us were able to resist such treats and went to order our meals. We were looking at the different egg combinations, hash combinations and feeling pretty good about having a gluten-free brunch. Until I saw it, right there on the menu, front and center; orange hazelnut butter brioche French toast with Maine maple syrup. Sold to the highest bidder which happened to me at that time and our table. My husband took my cue that gluten-free did not have to pertain to this meal on this day with this beautiful lady sitting across from him so he proceeded to order Eggs benedict on brioche bread.

A little more coffee, some delicious food, and amazing company and this couple was in state of true satisfaction and contentment. Everything was fine and dandy as we left this little bistro every happy and extremely full. We went about our day and into the evening things changed and changed quickly. My joints were starting to stiffen, my body felt so tired, and my mind was in a fog. My husband just looked at me and said that is what gluten will do. I couldn’t believe it happened in the same day. I didn’t even have a chance to journal about our fabulous brunch before I was feeling the effects. My husband started feeling the effects later with some uneasy full feelings that lasted way into the evening and neither of us slept well. Yesterday morning we woke up and I did get up to do my exercise routine and yoga routine because I really have to not feel well to skip my routine so I continued about my morning but when he asked me how I was feeling the truth was I was still feeling pretty lethargic and my joints were still really stiff this morning. If the effects can happen that fast they should go away just as fast but it doesn’t work that way. Neither of us have been diagnosed with any intolerance to gluten but the longer we go without eating it the harder the effects are when we do so we are normally really conscience about it and just let our guards down the other day. Have we learned our lesson? Honestly no, probably not but the next time when it is several weeks or even months from now we will probably be reminded just as quickly how much better off we are when we stick with proteins and fats and have our starches in the form of vegetables, white rice and potatoes. The lessons of life can hit you like a brick in the stomach literally or gentle reminders to be mindful about what you eat and drink and know the consequences of each and every action. We are still learning.


2 thoughts on “BRUNCH WITH A TWIST

  1. jodiebodie March 27, 2015 at 11:27 am Reply

    As humans we are all vulnerable to temptation! Sometimes I will try eating or doing things that I know I probably shouldn’t, just to ‘test the waters’ to find out whether the thresholds have changed at all. Often I learn the hard way and have to I remind myself not to do that again (until the next time!). Think of it as a learning experience. Despite the after-effects, how lovely it is that you can enjoy each other with fun activities like going out and exploring new things. I hope the symptoms have subsided by the time you read this. xx

    • mevsmctd March 27, 2015 at 12:05 pm Reply

      Thank you for your supportive words and yes the symptoms have subsided. The fatigue lasted longer than I would have liked and my performance during activity wasn’t optimal but I really focused on my yoga and meditation. Now that I’m back to base-line I’m doing everything I was before and still adding focus to my yoga and meditation. I’m certain I will be tempted again, and just like you I test the waters from time to time with other things such as reducing medication doses so I’m glad to know we all have the same desires to at least “try”


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