I haven’t written much about my Raynaud’s in a while but there really wasn’t much to write about. I have lived with a certain shade of purple now for several years and have become quite used to seeing my fingers this way. I no longer have any whiteness, numbness, or tingling so if the shades of purple are the worst I have to endure that I’m content with this. This winter has been a very cold winter here in Maine and with all the bundling of my body I have had to do to stay warm my hands faired pretty well actually. We had many hours outside moving snowing and although my body in general does not enjoy the cold my hands and feet held up during these long bouts outside without much change from just the cold and purple that I deal with. Hand warmers are helpful in the winter and staying covered is helpful but at the end of the day I still have the same purplish digits to deal with.

However, I have noticed that I have this beautiful shade of pink to my fingers every once in a while. I am associating this pinkish color to more blood flow driven by my yoga practice. In the past 10 years I have taken my yoga seriously and committed to it fully but I have not been as committed to my yoga as I have these last 5 months when I started my teacher training. I am on my yoga mat daily, even if for only a short time some days but it is still a daily yoga practice that I have not had in the past. Each time I get on my mat I feel the blood flow, the energy move and I just feel alive. My yoga practice is making me feel like a new person and adding life to my body. I think this energy flow is contributing to a better circulation flow and allowing me periods of the day where my hands actually look like normal hands. Right now as I type this blog my hands have a slight purple twinge at the very tips of my fingers. Later in the day they may be their full purple color or I may look down and see no purple. I actually find myself evaluating my hands more during the day, a concept that may be strange for most people but for me I’m just looking at what my body is doing and what my energy is doing. Yoga is all about energy flow, finding, moving and releasing blockages from the body and allowing the body to do what it needs to do. I think this is why my Raynaud’s seems to be doing better even in extremely cold conditions.

I’m looking forward to what my hands look like this summer when the weather is mild, the sun is bright and my body is really strong. Until then I will continue my daily practice and strengthen this body each and every time I step on the mat.



  1. jodiebodie March 19, 2015 at 2:24 am Reply

    That is very encouraging news. 🙂

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