Vacations are a wonderful concept that keep us all working hard and give us something to look forward to with loved ones. My husband and I really enjoy our vacations each year and we put so much thought into them, plan them together, start to think about them the week the before. We even get so excited that it is hard to sleep the night before we leave.  I wouldn’t change this feeling that we get, but it is also not lost on either of us what traveling does to the body.  Both of our bodies by the way, not just mine because of MCTD. Although the MCTD really heightens fatigue, achy joints and completely run down feeling.  Even my husband who doesn’t have an autoimmune feels run down after traveling.  There is a certain stress associated with traveling, there are extremely long days on your travel days and then there is the eating and drinking and a little too much letting go while enjoying your vacation.  This is all well and good but it comes at a price.  At least it does for us.

I have been trying to get back to feeling my normal self now for nearly a week. Increasing my sleep, just walking and doing my yoga as to not stress my body more, eating clean, and drinking so much water and tea to flush everything out.  While this may be helping it takes a long time.  I don’t know if other people go through the same thing when they travel or not but it always takes me a bit of time to get back to normal whether I travel for vacation, work, or other reasons.  Quick trips I can recover quicker, but long vacation trips it takes me longer.  I wouldn’t give up my vacation because of how I feel now only because the feelings before and during my vacation out way this feeling.

Walking and yoga feel good and although I’m not putting many miles on my fitbit I am walking here and there as I can muster the energy which is fine for now until things settle back to normal.  Slowly I will increase my activity as my body is ready and push harder as I feel the fatigue dissipate.


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