I thought it might be fun to share my weekly fitbit steps and if anyone is counting their steps you are more than welcome to share as well.  As life gets busy and we forget about the simple things, just making sure to take 10k steps every day is a simple way to ward off stress, keep limber and stay healthy.  I do realize that some of you may not be getting 10k steps and that is ok too, you are where you are at the present moment.  This e-mail will meet each and every one of you right where you are.  There is no competition, it is strictly sharing our journey together.

I am putting many hours on my yoga mat so I do not have rock star steps these days and have opted to take a break from friendly challenges so I can concentrate on my yoga practice but that doesn’t mean I’m not moving.  I still try very hard to get in my 10K but you will see there are days I don’t manage to do that and that is ok.  Life is about the journey we are on, my journey takes me several places but I accept where I am every day.  Some days I wish I were able to do more but many days I’m very content where I am.  I am willing to share and open to having any of you share as well.


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