Each year the Bikram studio holds a 2 hour class with music on Thanksgiving morning.  I have been doing this for many years and it really just starts my day off right. I am no longer a member at that studio but I knew I wanted to be part of the Bikram festivities again this year.  The class is a donation class so all the money went to the food pantry which is very fitting for a Thanksgiving practice.  Here is how the day went and what a day it was.  In Maine we got a foot of snow Wed night into Thursday morning which meant that Matthew and I had to get up around 4:30 and start snow blowing and shoveling ourselves out.  At 6:30am he started the turkey. Our 26 lbs. bird was beautiful and we know well loved.  As a thank you to the bird we used the whole thing but more on that later.  As my handsome husband donned his favorite apron and got started in the kitchen I made my way out into the snow winter wonderland first for an exercise and weight training session followed by my 2 hour Bikram class.  I had not been in a Bikram studio since June of this year and I did not know what to expect.  I figured I would just treat this class like I did all my other classes in the past so I wore my long pants, long shirt and small jacket to make sure I was warm.  I found a great spot near the heat up at the mirror.  2 things struck me immediately, the first is that the room is so bright and second is that mirror is there to show every flaw and mis-step.  At one time I enjoyed the mirror and being able to see myself but for some reason I didn’t like it this time. Maybe after spending so much time on my mat just feeling, I didn’t really want to see.  There was music playing so that was a nice change since there is usually no music in a standard Bikram class.  This was a fusion class with the 26 postures mixed in, but we also did vinyassa work which was really challenging in the heat.

I love the heat, always have and probably always will but going from head up to the head down was really hard and made me a little bit dizzy.  Nothing that I couldn’t control but I did wonder if there were any new people in the class and how they were fairing.  We hit all the major 26 postures and took the entire 2 hours to complete our moving meditation.  I was so hot, tired, and totally spent but also felt so incredibly good.  I forgot how absolutely wonderful being that hot and sweat can actually feel.  After it was all said and done I was ready to join my husband back at home to finish our thanksgiving preparations.

He had it all finished and off to my parent’s house we went, 26 lbs. turkey in hand with pies, and cranberry sauce.  Once we got there everyone was so pleased with how the bird looked and especially how it tasted.  We sliced up the organ meat and put that out as well and everyone devoured it.  We didn’t want our little bird to go to waste so we ate the entire thing.  He was so delicious and I think we have made our mark on the family that getting our meats from the nearby farm where they are truly loved, well taken care of and especially well fed naturally is the best for the animals and us.  My husband did a marvelous job with that bird and has been crowned the chef to do it each and every year from here on out but I don’t know that he really wants that responsibility.  The day was stress-free, so enjoyable and I ate guilt free since I had just put in my time at the gym and Bikram mere hours before.


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