In the US we are only days away from a holiday in which it is perfectly acceptable to feast and eat for the entire day without guilt or thought of repercussion.  We have turned a day like Thanksgiving into a day of gluttony with rewards of stuffing, mash potatoes, breads, sweet vegetables and pies.  I too enjoy this holiday very much but the question has already come to light as to what am I and my husband going to eat on Thanksgiving Day? This question doesn’t come from family as they already know we will eat what we want and they do not have worry about it or even think about it.  The question comes from people in my life that know that I choose a certain diet with very little gluten and processed foods.   What I find interesting is that people worry about what I am going to eat when Thanksgiving as it is designed is an incredibly Paleolithic feast.  The main course is turkey. A scrumptious, tender, free range bird will delight our table cooked in the essence of fruits such as apples and oranges along with nice herbs like rosemary and onion, celery and sea salt. My husband and I love sweet potatoes and eat them regularly but sugar is never an added ingredient in our sweet potatoes so whether they are baked, sliced, mashed, or grated the purity of the sweet potato is what we eat and enjoy.  The sweet potato actually carries the word sweet for a reason and since they are so sweet there is no need in mind to make them sweeter.  Will a white potato be one of my choices as I make my way down the line? I can say probably not but I know without doubt it will be a choice for my husband and he has thought long and hard about those potatoes and how much gravy will be needed to prepare the perfect bit of turkey, potato and gravy.  Does our gravy have flour in it? Yes it will because consistency is everything and although I would never add flour this meal is for everyone to enjoy not just me so I prefer to add the flour and let others enjoy it while I eat my bird plain.  Vegetables are a big part of Thanksgiving and our daily diet so there will be a large arrangement of root vegetables, green vegetables and salads.  I will be honest and tell you that our table holds the classic green bean casserole but for the other participants to enjoy.  We have made green beans and almonds in the past but learned very quickly that only we ate them so we had a lot of leftovers.  Now we just make for a few and let everyone enjoy their green bean casserole.  This holiday is more about tradition then taste if you ask me.  I understand that for hours and hours everyone is commenting on how wonderful the food is with “yums” and groans leaving the mouths of all but we are all remembering special times in our lives which usually include the people sitting at your table, sharing your food, throwing you a yum every few moments and laughing.

The people and the moments are what we truly love and live for, the food is amazing and although it seems like the centerpiece of the day, the joy and laughter along with stories is what makes the day very special for me.  I will find plenty to eat and have my own desires of gluttony as well as everyone, it just may be that when gluttony is more about the gluten free options ideally feeling up on the people not the food.  I am also staring my day with a  2 hours Bikram session which has been tradition for me for several years so although I have not been in a Bikram studio since June I am going with towel and mat in hand to prepare my body and mind for this day.  There can be some stress around the day as preparations need to be made so I am trying to set myself up for the best possible day I can.  If my vinyassa flow class were happening on Thanksgiving I would probably choose vinyassa flow but it will be so good to be in the warmth of Bikram again if only for a couple of hours.  This is also making me think about when I teach my own classes and inviting students to enjoy the thanksgiving morning with me as I teach a class in the coming years.  The day is about sharing so why not share the gift the yoga.


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