This past year I was feeling so strong and yes even a tiny bit arrogant because day after day went by without a flare and watching those days tick by made me think that I could focus my energy on strength through weight training, more spinning, and lots more yoga which I have been doing but in the process I gave up my physical therapy all together. I didn’t just cut back I cut it out and looking back at this past year I think that may have been a mistake. I was using regular PT as a way to keep my body healthy and keep good energy flow from feet to jaw. Taking the year off I didn’t realize that my body was falling out of alignment again and things were getting twisted. However, 4 weeks ago I had my first flare after 440 days and my body really hasn’t recovered fully. I am back to doing my normal weight training, spinning, Insanity, walking, and with my yoga training I’m doing yoga every second that I’m not doing something else so a big increase in yoga. Someone looking at me from the outside would think that I was right back to normal. I call it base line because I will not be normal, but my body has not gotten back to base line. My hips, hands, and jaw are still very stiff and very sore. I can function just fine so I’m not still in flare but I can tell something has changed.

It could be the change in the season, it could be I’m not doing Bikram anymore so my body doesn’t have the warmth it had for 10 years prior, it could be that I’m pushing it harder with spinning and Insanity that I wasn’t doing previously, but I refuse to believe that I’m just getting older so things are going to be stiff and sore.

I decided it was worth a trip back to the PT to see what they thought and it was obvious to them that my body found itself out of alignment again. My shoulders are not even, my hips are not even and my posture has slipped a bit even with the hours I’m spending in Mountain Pose. What does this mean? It means that I need the PT to get back into alignment and that PT may be a piece of my health puzzle that I always need. I started with a couple times a week to get started and will drop to once a week shortly and after a few weeks when things seem to be back to base line I can figure out how to work it into my regular life again. That will mean something else will have to give and since I’m making my life about yoga, I am certain that yoga will not be sacrificed. I also need the weight training to stay strong and healthy, and don’t’ forget walking, we all need to do more walking, so that leaves spinning and Insanity. I love spinning and can do it first thing in the morning so it comes down to my lunch time Insanity class. As much as I enjoy Insanity I will not be able to do it as often as I have been but it is probably better for my body to have a break.

Our bodies need breaks and I think my body is telling me it is time for a break. I am willing to listen and do what needs to be done in order to find that nice balance again. It might take some time but all I have is time. My MCTD is not going anywhere and each day that passes by is just a reminder that I need to balance the autoimmune with good health. The good health comes in the form of nutrition, exercise, rest, recover, sleep and flexibility.

2 thoughts on “BACK TO PT

  1. jodiebodie December 13, 2014 at 1:18 pm Reply

    My MCTD has got to the point where I have needed regular Physiotherapy all year to keep my body functioning well. What started as an occasional treatment has become an integral part of my MCTD maintenance. It’s all about finding out what works for you and integrating that into your lifestyle.

  2. mevsmctd December 13, 2014 at 4:43 pm Reply

    I truly believe in PT as well and not just when I don’t feel bad but as a part of my management routine for keeping MCTD under control. Glad you also get the benefits from PT and use it as a tool in your tool-box. The more tools we have the better off we will be. I wish you much success on your own journey


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