Ever have those sluggish days and you just aren’t sure what causes it, why you are dealing with it, or when will it go away? I have many times myself but have you ever had sluggish days and you know exactly what is causing it? Can you tell I’m having a sluggish day? I am having a sluggish day and it actually started yesterday. I was going back through my journal trying to pinpoint my trigger for why I might be feeling this way and it hit me after reading a few days of my journal, the whole reason I keep a journal but I digress.

As I’m reading I see that I started my after vacation detox of getting back to real food and took out all grains and sugar as of Sunday. Notice I didn’t say carbs since I have been eating a lot of vegetables and had a couple of days of sweet potatoes to keep my body performing strong during my weight training and Insanity sessions. With that said however I did some research and about the 3-5 day mark your body starts to revolt a bit and you become very sluggish, a little irritable and your performance drops. After a about a week the sluggish is supposed to subside and the performance should come back. I was not rocking my work out very well yesterday and took this morning off since my body is feeling pretty tired. On Sunday it will be 1 week and I can see where I go from there.

The plus is that I don’t have those cravings in the afternoon like I was before and I feel like I’m eating a little more than I was before but my trainer will analyze my food journal and let me know if he believes the same to be true. I never get blamed for eating too much but I certainly have weeks where it shows I’m not eating enough and that may be life, the fact that I’m a woman with my own head games, timing, or all of the above. As my trainer has me lifting heavier it is more important than ever to get out of my own head and make sure I’m eating enough to perform such tasks without the risk of injury. I have made 3 commitments to myself this week and doing quite well with them but they are also difficult so I’m taking it day by day with a refocus on the importance of each one. My first commitment was to drink a green drink every day, ok this one is not difficult more a habit forming task which is going just fine. I like the drink and since it has pre and probiotics so I can only see it being a benefit. There is no sugar in this drink as I’m being extremely careful about grains and sugar.

My second commitment is to eat real food and although I had a lot of preparing to do over the weekend each day has been full of real foods that are filling and satisfying and I have used an apple once this week for a sugar craving that I had but that was early on and I don’t see apples as my issue. This is hard for my brain to commit to long term but maybe my taste buds will over power my brain and if I don’t want the grains and sugar I certainly realize my body does not “need” them.

The third commitment and also my hardest, to get off the scale addiction I have had for my entire adult life. I have used the scale to measure my success but losing weight in the form of muscle instead of fat does nothing for my performance but it certainly looks good as I look down between my feet and my brain registers I’m doing well. My life should dictate if I’m successful in the way I look, feel and perform. These words are so much easier said than done but I am willing to try. I have a pair of pants that I am using to measure my success instead of the scale. As time goes on I hope I’m pleasantly surprised and if not I may ditch this pants thing and go back to the scale!!


4 thoughts on “SLUGGISH

  1. Bonnie edelblute August 8, 2014 at 5:59 pm Reply

    What is your green drink recipe? What does a typical day of healthy eating consist of?

    • mevsmctd August 8, 2014 at 6:36 pm Reply

      Hi Bonnie
      Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I need things easy so you’ll find my day filters around ease. I am using Amazing Green superfood with water and since there are several varieties I’m find the one in the red container and the purple container my friends, although they have a chocolate one I’m not sure I would actually try it.

      My eating looks like this – Monday = hamburger/sweet potato hash breakfast, Brussels sprouts with pine nuts and a slice of bacon broken over the top with cut up sweet peppers and carrots for lunch, dinner was a chili salad. I use a heaping bowl of greens and put my warm chili right over the top. The chili I make has no beans but lots of vegetables and I do sprinkle a little cheese on top. I will put together a blog post of some of my favorite recipes that I eat throughout the week. If I need a treat I will throw an apple into my day or last night I had a piece of ginger dried no sugar added. I have not needed 3pm snacks this week. I also tend to eat the same meals over and over make sure I have lots of left overs to make eating simple.

      Prior to this week I was eating oatmeal/apple/almonds with almond milk breakfast, cut up vegetable plate for snack, Salad with protein lunch, something sweet at 3pm, protein and vegetable at dinner. Since cutting out my snacks I have added to the serving sizes of my meals and keeping them to 3 per day. I think whether I eat 3 or 5 really depends on what my body is needing and starting with oatmeal was sending my cravings into over-drive but my workout was strong after a bowl of oatmeal. All in the name of balance I guess.

      Hope this information was helpful


  2. ventureeliteperformance August 9, 2014 at 12:06 pm Reply

    Really great piece, nice to see real life experiences on a diet. I have written this for those taking on the paleo diet. Thought you may enjoy it

    • mevsmctd August 9, 2014 at 6:51 pm Reply

      Thank you for reading my blog and writing with your own blog post. If other readers are interested in enjoying your piece I invite them to your link as you did for me. You write well and your piece was informative.


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