Teetering with Flare

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Today I’m at 384 days without a flare but I certainly was teetering on the edge of a flare yesterday at day 383. I woke up early and I really didn’t feel like getting up and starting my day, so to do any form of exercise first thing did not feel appealing. I decided to stay in bed just a bit longer and got up to head out to my yoga class. My first yoga class was hard and I felt my body disagreeing with being there and stretching in triangles, warriors, and folds. Since I didn’t work out before yoga I decided to stay for class number 2 and and after my 3rd downward facing dog my wrists were in agony so when we were in plank and flowing into chaturanga I really regretted staying for another 90 minute class but I knew that my body was stronger than my mind was letting on and I finished the class with grace. We hit the floor in savasana and it only took a brief second for me to fall asleep right on the floor. I did wake up as soon as I heard the instructor’s voice again but I realized that I was facing a high level of fatigue.

I headed home and my husband could tell immediately that something was not quite right so I headed in and just laid down for what I thought was going to be a brief moment but instead it was an hour, and when I woke up I was feeling so much better. My body was not in agony but my mind was still pretty tired. I think I was dealing with a very high level of fatigue so I had to listen to that inner voice and just take it easy. I’m so glad I did because the rest of the day and today I am feeling much better and although I was teetering on the edge of a flare I do not think I went over to the other side and I didn’t end up in bed feeling very sick so I feel like listening, acknowledging and dealing with the facts of my body at any given time can really help me stay in the flare-up free zone.

Today was a day that started with a lot of exercise including strength training, cardio, and my new favorite find, golf. My husband and I have been really enjoying our trips out to the course and spending time together in the fresh air. Being able to laugh at ourselves has really helped keep the frustration at bay with this game they call golf.  


2 thoughts on “Teetering with Flare

  1. Andrew July 23, 2014 at 7:19 pm Reply

    I’m so sorry. That must have given you a scare. I’m following your blog to help me help my girlfriend if/when she needs it. Your blog made her not feel like she was crazy. You are doing something wonderful here, and I sincerely hope daily for another flare free day for you.

    • mevsmctd July 23, 2014 at 8:23 pm Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I wish your girlfriend great luck on her journey. This is a process and every day can be different so I assure you, so you can assure her she is not crazy. She may feel alone some days or even several days but the reality is she is not alone and certainly not crazy. MCTD and autoimmune in general is so complex for being categorized as a rare disease and the more time that goes by the rarer it becomes. It sounds like a bad cliché but literally taking it one day at a time is so key because we really never know what we are waking up to each day.


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