I’m still flare-up free and loving life. I know the heat can be a trigger for some people with MCTD but for me I feel energized in the heat, my body feels great, and my mind feels opened to trying new things. Summer and heat bring new beginnings for me where as in the winter and cold months I feel more shut in and ready to hibernate. This summer has been full of trying new things and really incorporating yoga in to my daily life. There are evenings when I choose golf instead of yoga but for the most part I am trying to make sure I get some sort of yoga in at night which helps me relax, sleep better, and just feel better in general.

The vinyassa yoga flow has really benefited my upper body strength which Bikram did not do. I’m sure some people did get an increase in Bikram just because I would hear people say it was a full body program but for me my legs were strong but my upper body wasn’t as strong and didn’t get stronger during my Bikram practice. My weight training and now vinyassa flow as really increased my strength. I’m able to stay in downward facing dog and really believe it is my resting posture. I would hear people say that in the past and think there was no resting for me in that position but now I’m learning to enjoy being there and relaxing there as well.

The meditation part of yoga has been more difficult so when I’m at my yoga classes and in practices I use that time for meditation since I have been unable to dedicate any time at home to this practice. When I’m home, sitting quietly is very difficult unless I’m reading and then that is not meditating. It is a good practice to start but not one I have actually committed to. My commitment is to my vinyassa yoga practice which I believe is going very well. If only I looked graceful flowing into my chaturanga.


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