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Today not only am I celebrating 341 days without a flare but also that I rode and finished the 50K Tour DE Cure this morning with my step-father. This ride was to benefit Diabetes which I don’t have but finding cures for other autoimmune diseases will only help in some day finding a cure for MCTD as well.


Speaking of benefits I received tremendous benefit from this ride. I went from never riding a bike to deciding to participate in this cause. I first started with spinning classes all winter long and in the spring bought myself my first bike ever. I chose a road bike for the simple fact that I had to ride about 33 miles and wanted to do it quickly. There are certainly bikes out there more comfortable then a road bike but why prolong the ride by making it feel longer than it needs to be. The road bike I bought was perfect for me and I just started training. Greg and I rode a few Saturdays together and he was a wonderful coach. He stayed right with me the whole ride today and was such a great supporter. It was really fun. My husband, Matthew and mom were at the start and finish line to watch us go and especially to watch us come back.


We lined up with 700 other riders but put a little space between us since I’m still getting use to getting and out of my baskets. I’m not ready for cycling shoes just yet but maybe for the next race or ride I’ll be ready. They gave the start off and we were off and running or in this case cycling. The take off went well and all we were all bunched up everyone was careful and no falls, crashes, or wipe outs. The ride was incredibly beautiful all along the ocean coast and the sea breeze felt so good on our faces. It was 86 degrees here and for Maine that is hot and unheard of. I loved it. On mile 7 there was a rest stop but we didn’t need anything but a picture so we took one quick and got back on the road. At that rest stop is when things started to space out. There were several miles where it was just us and no one in front of us or behind us. There was a mandatory rest at mile 16 to let them know you were still on course that we took a minute and got back on road. By mile 27 I was feeling very much like I needed to get off my bike but we were almost there.


We saw the 4 miles left sign and I knew I was going to make it. 3 miles and I’m feeling like now is the time to stretch my legs and try to get feeling back in my hands. I had lost feeling about mile 11 but with Raynaud’s that is to be expected. 2 miles left and now I’m getting so anxious and then I see it 1 mile left and we are home free. Greg says look good going in so keep some juice in the tank. As though I have any juice left that I might be able to reserve, but I knew what he meant. We head up the last hill of the day and the people are cheering us on and I see Matthew and mom standing there and I just smiled so big I couldn’t believe it I crossed in 2 hours and 24 minutes. Very respectable I do believe and I’m happy with it.


We climbed off our bikes and headed for medals and water and oh yes lunch. We laughed, hugged, high five, ate, hugged some more and felt very accomplished with what we had just done together. It was so great and I’m glad it is done and can be marked off my list. They are already talking about next year but I’m still thinking and enjoying this year. 




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