The 3 biggest “S” for most of us is strength, sleep and stress.  With strength, on any given day I can feel really strong and other days feel like I’m starting over again.  With all the spinning, Insanity, weight training, walking and Bikram I have been doing most days I feel really marvelous but I do have chronically fatigued legs.  Almost every day that I wake up I feel like I just did a heavy set of quad, hamstring and calf work the day before. Sometimes I have and others times I haven’t but I am really working my legs every day in some capacity and therefore the subtle fatigue is new, interesting, and a reminder that these legs are truly working hard most days.  I give them a break during my Bikram and walking but my hamstrings remind me that they are there keeping up each and every day with my increased activity. 

            Sleep has been a big deal for me because there are many nights I sleep a ton and I wake up so well rested.  All of a sudden I’ll have a night that I don’t sleep an ounce and it throws my next few days off.  If I do a little activity before bed it seems to help but if I do a lot of activity my body just won’t rest.  I love to sleep and I take my sleep very seriously.  I know how incredibly important it is and my goal is really to get as much as possible.

            On the other hand I realize that stress is a silent killer.  I have a ton of stress and my body is constantly fighting stress.  Living with MCTD is stressful, the amount of activity I endure can be a stressor, and life in general is stressful.  We all try so hard to keep our stressor to a minimum and if we could we would eliminate it completely but I have not been able to exert that type of control in my life and guess that others have the same problem. It would be wonderful to reduce stress to almost nothing and live a peaceful quiet life.  Perhaps one day I will find the secret and be able to do just that

2 thoughts on “STRENGTH, SLEEP, STRESS

  1. Heather Von St. James March 18, 2014 at 6:28 pm Reply

    Hi Nicole! I had a quick question for you and was hoping you could email me when you have a free moment! Thanks 🙂 hope to hear from you soon!!

    • mevsmctd April 11, 2014 at 6:18 pm Reply

      I apologize I thought I had responded to you but I don’t see that it went through. How may I help?


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