Today is day 23 of my push-up challenge and my arms are so sore. Not only am I doing a lot of push-ups but keeping up with my weight training and Insanity classes is putting a lot work upon my triceps, shoulders, elbows and chest area.  Never mind the fact my entire body is sore and tired.  I have 2 more training sessions this week and then I am just looking to do some Bikram over the weekend and rest.

Yesterday morning when I woke up my legs were fatigued so I actually took some magnesium in order to help that soreness and fatigue. It could have been the magnesium or the just the fact I was moving around but my legs felt better and I was able to proceed with my workouts.  My trainer is having me work on the stair climber at the gym and that machine could be the death of me.  You wouldn’t think it by looking at it but it turns on the sweat factor and gets the heart rate up faster than any other machine in the building.  My hope is that I too will feel more comfortable on this machine and it won’t feel like such a killer in a few weeks.  I don’t remember if I felt this way when I first started using the elliptical machine but now an hour on that machine is very accomplishable and 6 minutes on this stair climber feels like climbing Mount Everest. Not that I have even thought about climbing the mount!

Today is another Insanity class and I’m really looking forward to it.  Although I’m tired, sore and feeling like I could use a break I really enjoy this class and the energy from the people in as well as being able to work out with my trainer so I keep going and keep pushing this body a little more every day.  No doubt there will be push-ups involved but I’ll be ready.  I’m getting stronger and gaining strength every day so the more push-ups I do as well as the triceps work is helping in many facets of my life.


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