Today I’m on day 16 of my push-up challenge and although one might not think this challenge is that hard it feels hard to me.  I had a training session yesterday so I was already fatigued this morning but when I got up I did my regular exercise program and knew I had to get in 16 push-ups. No shock that the first handful was fine and form as good then there was a moment when I knew my form had changed drastically.  At that moment I am working on focusing all my attention back to my form and pushing out the remaining reps.  My shoulders were so sore and it was only 16 thus far.  To make things even more challenging I have Insanity today which just happens to be my “push” day so there is a lot of chest, triceps and pushing involved.  This is how I will get stronger and strength is a big goal of mine. I am glad I chose this challenge but if I can be honest I really dislike push-ups.

On a different subject, I have been working with my trainer now several weeks and since I supply him a weekly journal of my diet, exercise, rest and sleep he has a good sense of who I am and how my days look. I am a creature of routine for the most part and each week starts to look like the prior week. With a sense of my how I have structured my day it gives him some ideas as to how to help me and one thing that has become clear to him and me also is that I do not eat enough.  I am at a point in my life where I really don’t get hungry.  I eat by a clock but not because I really feel hunger pangs all that often. Sometimes I truly do feel hungry and sometimes I have cravings for food that feel like hunger but the amount of work I put my body through and how I nourish my body does not coincide.  I’m working on taking in more calories but more importantly learning when to take them in.  After my Insanity class today I have to force myself to eat which will not be easy but I have to learn to get over this mental issue.

Many people think are probably thinking that after an Insanity class or a training session with a trainer or even just working out on your own hard for 60 they would be starving and food would not be an issue.  However, when my trainer brought it to my attention the truth is my stomach is empty, I feel light after an incredible workout and food is not something that is on my mind.  The problem is mentally I need to get over that idea and nourish my body so that the muscles I just worked can start to repair. The mental game is overwhelming and although I have known for a long time that I’m metabolically broken which is why I have turned towards a more clean, Paleo type diet I wasn’t connecting the fact that I might have mental issues around food also.  I look at my diet and it is so clean plus I eat much more than most people around me do. The difference is that many people around me don’t eat enough themselves and then I have an increased calorie burn during my day so the amount of nourishment needed to replenish is much greater.  I have spent the last couple of days focusing on this aspect of my life and it is not easy but I’m really trying.  My day supply of food looks very different this week and I hope this added food means added energy as well.  It is helping greatly having another person keeping track with me on my food and exercise and keeping it all balanced.


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