This past week I had to travel for work and when I travel I don’t feel my best. There are a few things I do that help the situation but I have to be so diligent about my routine. For most people when they travel there is very little routine or not a routine that they are used to. If they travel a lot they may find a routine on the road that will work for them. For me I travel so infrequently that when I travel it is in my best interest to keep my routine as close to my home routine as possible. A few things I do to try to keep my normal routine is I get up the same time every day even while traveling. On Monday that was my travel day and since I try not to eat in airports I did intermittent fasting and ate at a nice restaurant that night when I got to my destination. It does make for a long day without any food but I don’t have low blood sugar issues such as light headiness and dizziness just hunger pangs. There is nothing wrong with feeling the hunger and taking care of the hunger when I have a place to sit down and eat some good food.

I found a nice place to eat and talked to them about me eating gluten free and that I liked to keep my meals and ingredients simple. I opted for a salad with steak and mushrooms on top and some dressing on the side that I didn’t use. I felt great and went for a nice long walk before heading to bed at my normal time. The next morning when I got up it was the same time as when I’m home and went right down to the fitness center for a workout. I looked at my options for breakfast and didn’t see anything I was really interested in so I opted to wait until lunch and had a nice grilled chicken salad. For dinner I had some chili and went for a walk again to end a very long stressful day.

The next day looked very similar to the day before and Thursday mirrored my other two days. Friday was my travel day back home and again I did some intermittent fasting until I got home and ate food at my own home. I went to Bikram yoga when I arrived home and got back to my normal routine at home. Some MCTD symptoms that popped up for me are fatigue and still today I am dealing with fatigue but it will take a few days to get over that. My hands are very swollen and my body is a little sore. I’m not in flare but I feel it in my body that this past week is different then other days. I try to spend as much time in the Bikram studio as possible when I get home so that the swelling in my hands and feet can decrease as well as my mind can start to rest. I tend not to sleep well when I’m on the road but when I get home I can sleep very well again. The fatigue I feel should be gone in another day or two.

I’m fortunate that I don’t travel a lot and every time I do travel I try to keep as close to my normal routine as possible. When we travel for vacation I still have similar symptoms but the difference is there is no stress when we get to our destination so I can relax. When I travel for work I have some stress and some long days to deal with. Now I’m home for about a month and will travel again. The good thing is I’m traveling to the same place again so I have found myself a yoga studio and the restaurant is familiar with my diet as well as the place I stay has a nice fitness center so the next trip may go better. 


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