We are only a couple days away from the start of the New Year and I like to start each New Year off with a challenge.  In the past they have been walking challenges or diet challenges and even though they are different than New Year’s resolutions or goals they still start my new year off on the right foot.  This year is no different so I have been thinking this over and this challenge is something I will do every day for a month called the push-up challenge.

I can do push-ups but I don’t do them daily.  I can also do several in a row but this challenge will build my strength over the month so that by the end I hope to be able to do many more push-ups successful in a row with less difficulty.  Here is the challenge, starting on Jan 1 2014 I will do 1 push-up, not hard I know but then on day 2 I will do 2 push-ups, day 3 will be 3 push-ups and continuing this sequence for 31 days at which time I will be doing 31 push-ups.  At the end of the 31 day cycle or monthly challenge I will have completed 496 push-ups.

I brought this up to my husband as a challenge we should do together and he basically looked at me and said I don’t get it?  Well, between day 1 and 10 it is a way to perfect the “perfect” push-up so that days 11-31 you are working on form and quantity.  It does sound easy but will it be? I don’t know but this is what I will find out and if it is too easy then I know where to go in the coming months with my next challenge but I think for me this challenge will help me work on my form and nail that perfect hovering off the floor push-up I see other people doing but for some reason my butt sticks up and throws my form off.  This is a lack of strength that I’m hoping to inquire during the next 31 days starting on Wed and kicking my New Year off right.


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