GRAIN BRAIN – David Perlmutter

I just finished listening to an audio book that I had to write about. It is Grain Brain by David Perlmutter and whether you read it or listen to it, it is worth the time.  This book is well written and has a lot of information about what grains; especially gluten can do to our brains and our bodies.  Our brains really need fat to survive and yet most of us are deathly afraid of fat.  We are told to eat good fats and most of us don’t want to even think about eating fat because well we think that eating fat makes us fat.  This has been drilled in our heads for most of our individual lives so it is no wonder we are slow to change.  I think most of us believe that EVOO is good for us but what about animal fats, butter, walnut oil, and avocado oil?  These are good for us too but we think that the more we eat of them we are doing bad things to our bodies, our weight and what a mental game to eat such fats.

David Perlmutter has some good information and delivers the information in a way that is easy to take in but still not easy to believe.  Hearing it over and over is really the only way to make real changes.  This is not an easy change for many of us even though we know it is good our brains stop us in our tracks and guilt sets in. He describes all this in his book so it is more common that I initially realized. I too struggle with the idea that I should be eating more fats but I do get a good amount in my diet daily, probably not enough, but enough to keep my body sustained which is really all I’m looking for at this point.  My husband has taken to “bullet proof coffee” very easily and he says that it keeps him full most of the morning so he doesn’t need a snack between breakfast and lunch anymore.  What is bullet proof coffee?  Dave Aspry came up with this combination of mold free coffee, grass fed butter and MCT oil.  My husband chooses his dark roast black coffee, grass fed butter and coconut oil as his MCT oil.  The butter and oil mix nicely in the hot liquid and the fat sticks to his ribs and allows him to feel good.

Dave Aspry has a podcast as well where he talks about his very strict diet and all the bio-hacking he does for his body and brain.  It is pretty interesting and you can tell he has made a career out of bio-hacking himself and sharing with anyone who will listen.

Many of these bio-hackers have similar philosophies to David Perlmutter and the idea about grains is growing daily.


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