As I go into the new year and after several weeks of working out with a trainer and attending Insanity classes I am feeling very strong. This strength is helping with so many things such as better sleep, finally losing some of the menopausal weight, weird cravings going by the wayside and just generally feeling like life is back to normal. When I’m at home or at the gym by myself I lift medium weight, when I’m with my trainer I get to lift heavier weight since I know he is there to spot me when needed.  This bonus of heavy weight lifting really allows me to see my progress and the changes I’m making to my body.

This bonus of feeling stronger is even helping with a new and improved Bikram practice. I can really feel my balance has improved and allows me to go deeper into the standing postures.  My heart rate stays at a stable rate and doesn’t cause me any extra hard breathing or panic moments.  The cardio increase is from my 3 days of Insanity work which is very cardiovascular based but since we are doing a lot of pushups and squats it is also increasing strength. I think I have found a good routine now and since I journal my daily activities and have my trainer look at my journal weekly he is able to look and make sure I’m getting a good mixture of cardio work, strength training on my own and strength training with him as well as a nice balance of Bikram to round it out.

I will even throw in some rest days or active rest days when my body is fatigued because I know I am working hard the rest of the time. I knew I was working hard before but having someone to be accountable to and have someone council me on my routine has helped to take a Sunday off and just go to the Bikram. It might mean I log 3k steps just by doing life things and although my daily goal is 10-13k steps I’m ok with these rest days as I know my body needs them.

I also noticed that once I started to take a few rest days here and there the weight did start to drop off.  I also make a wonderful smoothie every day that is so filling I drink ½ first thing in the morning and wait about 3 hours and have the other ½. I’ll put the recipe below.  This smoothie recipe really tastes incredible and gives me lots of energy to get through even some of my toughest days.



Handful of spinach – or any green of your choice

1 baseball size beet – leave peel on

½ sweet pot – leave peel on

Thumb nail size chunk ginger – leave peel on

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 scoop clean protein powder of your choice


Blend and enjoy.


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