The Sunday after Thanksgiving and one might be wondering if they survived the Thanksgiving dinner, family madness, and incredibly long day of spirits and cheer. I am one of those people. I certainly survived the family madness because I love my family madness even if I tend to seem annoyed it is all in show and I know without a doubt I would not be the woman I am today without my family. Therefore, I accept them and the madness as a pure gift.

Spirits and cheer, no problem here, only because I didn’t enjoy any spirits and just left it to cheer. My sparkling water is more than enough spirit for me and even add a little pomegranate juice to the sparkling water and it looks like spirits in a glass. Keeping a journal this time of year will help with identifying if alcohol, gluten, sugar, dairy, FODMAPS and even nuts are triggers for your MCTD symptoms. I know for certain that alcohol is a trigger for me so I stay clear whenever possible.

Now surviving the Thanksgiving meal, that is where it gets interesting. I have never been diagnosed with Celiac disease but I have found that getting too much gluten and especially too much sugar makes my hands really swollen and my face gets puffy and the worst symptom is I don’t sleep well. Not sleeping well adds to many other undesirable issues. This meal I had a talk with myself about what was really important and booked a training session for Friday after Thanksgiving because I knew that I would not be my best during my training session if I was tired, swollen, puffy, cranky, and sick. It seems like a lot to get to the end result but my end result was success. I had lots of Turkey, sweet potatoes, cauliflower mash, root vegetables, spinach and then indulged in pie. They were not gluten free pies but as you can see since I didn’t indulge in gluten or white potato during my meal I felt it safe to indulge everything into dessert. I still slept fine and had a great workout on Friday along with a Bikram class. I most certainly survived Thanksgiving and now just need to survive many Holiday parties, Christmas and New Years and if all goes as well as Thanksgiving I should find myself a satisfied woman as I enter 2014. 


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