Call it jealousy, confusion, anger, or perplexity but that is how I feel today.  Every year we are required by insurance company to have our Biometrics done before full insurance kicks in for us.  What does that mean exactly? It means that every year we are required to have weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar tested on site at our place of employment.  These readings are submitted to our insurance company and starting January 1 of the next year we are fully covered if we do this.  Before you write me in protest, this is what I have done for many many years and considering I really like my job I do it without resistance.  That is not what I’m upset about.

We have a lovely woman in our office that was called out for being the picture of perfect health.  Her numbers were all good, great in fact according to these experts in the medical field and I wonder with such perplexity how this can be stated this way.  She is 42 years old and her weight is good, she is small, but in the process of being this small she has the “old lady wrinkles” I know you know what I’m talking about. The skin on her face and neck is wrinkled due to the loss of weight and her obsessive desire to be thin. She doesn’t have muscle density so she looks fragile.  Her numbers came back incredibly low but her diet consists of grilled chicken, bread thins, pop chips and diet soda every day.  Her philosophy on the diet soda is that she doesn’t drink coffee so this is her coffee substitute.  She added a banana into diet when weight watchers made fruit zero points and the only green thing she will ever eat is Caesar salad with or without chicken.  Her diet is so limited she turns to products such as spray butter to flavor popcorn or her bread thins.

How can this be the perfect picture of health? How can she be touted as the person to follow to live a long healthy life?  I don’t want the title of perfect because I am far from it but it is times like this that make numbers, labs, biometrics, and insurance claims so confusing and perplexing.  I also don’t want to be considered a judgy bear since who has time to analyze and judge others but I would like someone in the medical field to pull her aside and explain that it is ok to eat, it is ok to try different things even if weight watchers adds a couple of points to them and it is ok to put a little life into living and still be the picture of perfect health.


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