Is social fitness more beneficial then working out alone?  I have mixed feelings on this question.  I work out alone more then I work out with other people and I have never had a friend meet me at the gym to workout so my motivation comes from within.  I did think that I needed the gym to make sure I got intensive workouts because at home I felt like I always had other things that needed to get done and I never really wanted to sweat in my living room.  I love the women I see at yoga and I also enjoy the group at the gym even at 5am, but I have also realized that because I have a motivation within I am able to workout at home and get a good workout.

A few weeks ago my husband was kind enough to build me a fitness room in the basement with a floating floor that I can sweat all over and just clean up after.  My weights, balls, bands, steps, platforms and DVD’s are all set up down there and with some music, a guide on the internet, and my own motivation I have rocked some really good workouts.  My weight training is more consistent, mainly because I don’t have any excuse not to head to the basement for at least 30 minutes. Not only that I can find 30 minutes at different times of the day so I may be able to get in some cardio and weight training on the same day.

Do I miss the people at the gym? Yes, I actually do which is why I went today just to say hello and check in but traveling there, and traveling back cut out some of my workout time so I have found I truly enjoy working out at home. I get to pick the music, turn it up, and rock out without wires in my ears and other devices attached to my body.  I can move from cardio to weights easily, and I can do it in a shorter amount of time.

I will not give my yoga. I love yoga and prefer doing that outside my home. I love the people I see and the new ones I get to meet. I love getting extremely sweaty in the studio and coming home. I love the way I feel and I love the calm I get. I will venture outside my home for yoga and take in all the energy that it has to offer.  However, for the pump, strength, and ego of weight training I like doing that in the confines of my home and the energy in these walls.


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