P1000027 Yesterday we said good-bye to summer and hello autumn.  Although I was most disappointed to see summer go this is all part of life and so as a way to celebrate the arrival of autumn we went to Maine’s largest farmer’s market.  We call it the Commonground Fair in Unity ME and it brings farmers from all over to share their offerings and experience with the common folk.  We are the common folk but there is something very sweet about eating produce and vegetable that were grown and cared for by the very farmers standing in front of you most impressed with their own work.

Now do not get me wrong, this is a fair with everything fairs have to offer except no rides, but there is fried dough, lemon slushies, and treats absolutely everywhere.  However, they also have grass fed organic meats, cheeses, dairy, and made with love pies and ice cream.  We knew we didn’t want to spend our time in the food area so we had packed snacks to tide us over as we walked through the farmer’s markets, the cattle area, poultry and backyard chicken area, some of my favorite places; the sheep, goats, alpaca, and donkeys.  I honestly don’t know if the picture I posted was a mule or donkey but I do know her name is Lily and she is very much loved.

I had a moment of romanticism or maybe it was insanity but I started to think that I could be a homesteader.  My husband in a very loving way laughed and said it isn’t romantic at all and how about we start with a garden.  I believe after many conversations on our way home that I truly am not cut out of homesteading right now but I’ll start with a garden and see how I do.  I did try a garden a few years ago but I guess I didn’t realize I actually had to do anything with it so as you can imagine I had the best fed deer, chipmunks and squirrels in all of Maine.

There really is something romantic about the thought of living on a farm, heading out every morning for first fresh air and saying hello to all your animals. Eating foods right from the farm and sharing those foods with others.  Perhaps just a dream for many of us, but also a true reality for those very people working so hard to provide us wonderful foods not just one weekend a year at the fair but every day.


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