Yesterday we welcomed a new member of our family into the world. Another little boy that I get to be Auntie to has joined our family. As our family grows and expands and these little mind and bodies enter the world I realize how short our lives are and how fast life can pass us by. I don’t say that with regret or remorse but just a realization that there is no point in waiting for anything because the chance, the opportunity or the moment might be gone by the time you decide to make up your mind.
I held this little body in my arms and looked at his face, his head, he hands, his feet and everything that makes up what he is and as I looked at this miracle creature my heart was literally swelling with love. These little people need us to be the best we can be. They need us to be healthy, strong, available, loving and nurturing. They don’t ask for this, but these are the things we know they need. As I watch my other nephew turning 3 and realize how quickly he is growing and how quickly he is changing I know the same thing will happen with my new nephew. I have 2 bug eating, mud sling boys that I get to chase after, play with and spend time loving. This is a great gift for me that I don’t take for granted but instead I cherish. I look forward to moments I get to share with both of these little boys as they enter new stages of lives.


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