Today is my weight training day and although I got through it I was looking to lie on the mat and take a nap between my reps and sets which just made the weight training session less than enjoyable. I woke up feeling fatigued but that has been a new constant for me recently and I just want to push through it. I could keep sleeping but is that really the right answer? When is it time to push through, and when is it time to stop? These are questions I have to analyze almost every day because if I don’t push through I might give up my exercise all together.
I mentioned to the doctor that I need some help with energy so I’m hoping that is next on her list of magic potions for me. I tried the 5 hour energy but that made me feel wacky and I worried I was putting more burden on my fried adrenal glands with the high level of caffeine. The Eboost helped for a little bit of time but eventually that stopped working and I decided to just push through. Most days I can find the energy and strength to walk but even recently the idea of Bikram makes me worry that it might be too intense for some days. I have decided to give myself a 2 week break from Bikram and work on weight training and walking for a couple weeks and see how I feel. I struggle with whether this is a good idea or not but I know that weight training is going to help me now but especially help in my next stage of life so I want that to be a constant part of my routine.
Today my weight training was mediocre at best but I did do it. I wasn’t lifting as much as I had earlier this week and today when I saw my cross fit class I was thankful I was not in there. My fatigue isn’t debilitating enough to keep me bed by any means but it is enough that what little energy I do have is zapped fairly quickly. I’m enjoying my walking and got inspired to walk more after my last challenge and got some hand weights to use while I’m walking. I love being outside, I love first fresh air, I love being able to walk in the sunlight at lunch time so maybe I need to just focus on walking and weight training for a short time and then put Bikram back in. I love Bikram, I love the heat, I love the practice but I’m finding myself burning out quickly during balancing postures and having to lie on my mat to recoup. This is a new experience for me so I was thinking maybe 5 days a week was too much for just now, not long term just right now. I also need a chance to have my new medications start working and see if that adds any benefit for me and decrease some of this fatigue.
The doctor thought my fatigue was very normal for peri-menopause as well as MCTD, my age, and my activity level. I was very upfront with her that this fatigue is not something I can live with and I don’t want this to be my new baseline so we are going to work on it.


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