During my appointment with my new doctor we talked about adrenal fatigue and what it means and if I have it. She thinks I have adrenal burnout associated with taking prednisone for 10 years and my age so not that I burned them out during my exercise entirely. We talked about what I really enjoy doing for exercise and my two favorite things are walking and yoga but I always feel like I need more than just those 2 things. She believes that walking and yoga are 2 great exercises and enough for most people but that I should be incorporating weight training back into routine. I was so relieved to hear that. I enjoy weight training and I also enjoy feeling that sense of strength while I’m weight training so I was over joyed to learn I can put it back in my routine. I just needed to figure out where to put it in how many days a week. I’m going back to 3 sessions each at 30 minutes to start. As I get stronger I can increase but the hard part is how to fit in 7 walking sessions, 5 Bikram sessions and 3 weight training sessions in a week without sacrificing too much of other aspects of my life. Saturday was my first real session but I had plenty of time to walk, weight train and do Bikram on that day. Today was my 2nd sessions and I took my 90 minutes and broke it into 60 min of walking and 30 minutes of weight training. I did this at the gym because I’m not prepared at home for heavy lifting.
I am using my fitgain app that walks me through proper position, reps and sets and provides a 30 minute full body training session for me. I was feeling good after my weight training session and already can see that I’ll be back to my normal lifting very soon and will increase from there. While I was at the gym this morning my cross fit class was going on and I watched from weight room as they ran through their circuit and as much as I missed it I also realize that I’m not ready to jump back into an intense class like that just yet. My Bikram is considered intense but I also get certain calm from that intensity that I don’t get in circuit training. I might find that I want to jump back into a class and when she gives me the OK I will explore that possibility. For now I will watch from a far as I bench press myself back to strength and health.


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